Ualatp (sometimes spelled Ualatep) is the Nehekharan Vulture God of Scavengers. He can appear in the form of a large vulture or as a hunched, scrawny man with a vulture head.[1a]

According to inscriptions, the Carrion were sacred beasts and agents of Ualatp, who bore the spirits of lost warriors to the sky to fight in endless battles against the Daemons of darkness. This belief led to the Mortuary Cult burying corpses of Carrion in the necropolises, entombing many thousands of them within the pyramids of the Tomb Kings from the time of Nekhef I, who claimed to be the first ruler to use Carrion in his army of eternity and onwards.[3a]

From these ancient corpses, the Carrion would fly across the skies of Nehekhara to feast once more.[3a]



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