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The Tzar (or Tzarina) is the absolute ruler of Kislev. He or she controls all the affairs of the nation being the supreme spiritual and religious leader and lawmaker and the overall military commander. Before the founding of Kislev, the Gospodar clans were ruled by mighty Khans, the most prominent of which was Khan-Queen Miska, known as the Slaughterer and founder of the royal bloodline.

The Tzar resides in the Bokha Palace in the centre of the city of Kislev, the traditional seat of the Tzars. The famous Gryphon Legion, a cavalry unit, and the Kreml Guard, an infantry unit, are the Tzar's bodyguards and accompany them personally to war. The current Tzarina is Katarin the Ice Queen who assumed the throne in 2517 IC.

The Kurgans also have mighty leaders called Zars, perhaps originating from their shared ancestry with the Gospodars.

List of Tzars

Name Reign Notes
Miska c. 1494 IC Khan Queen of the Gospodars who led them west to the conquest of Kislev.
Shoika 1524 - ? Founded the city of Kislev. First adopted the title of Tzarina
Alexandr Njevski 1602 - ? Formed an alliance with Emperor Dieter III
Gospodar IV c.1810 Bodyguard founded the Gryphon Legion.
Taira Pavlovna c.2085 Founded the Brotherhood of the Bear.
Alexis Romanoff c. 2302 Tzar during the Great War Against Chaos. Fought and wounded Valnir the Reaper.
Kattarin the Bloody 2315 - 2471 Frozen solid by her son in a block of ice.
Pavel 2471 - ? Only child of Kattarin the Bloody.
Vladimir Bokha ? - 2492 Killed while defeating a Goblin horde.
Boris Ursus 2492 - 2517 First High Priest of Ursun in four centuries.
Katarin the Ice Queen 2517 - incumbent Greatest Ice Witch of her generation.

Unspecified Tzars

Name Reign Notes
Igor the Terrible Unknown Founded the Palace Guard.
Jekaterina III Unknown Created Jekatarina's Ice Armour.


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