Tz'arkan, the Drinker of Worlds is a powerful daemon of Slaanesh. He had walked the earth at the time of the First Great Incursion of Chaos in the mortal world. He is an extremely powerful demon, to the point that he was caught by five sorcerers of chaos to take advantage of his power. Still locked up, he managed to take revenge on his captors and waited patiently in his prison for centuries until the arrival of an unwary who would release him again into the world and unleash a wave of terror upon him once again.

All this begins with the arrival of the Dark Elf Malus Darkblade. At the time of Aenarion, five great sorcerers (two of them known as Ehrenlish and Eradorius), powerful servants of the Dark Gods, conspired to dominate Tz'arkan and put his great power at his service. They plotted the plan for more than a hundred years, and in the end managed to deceive the demon and locked him in a large, raw black diamond born of the pure energy of Chaos itself, located in a temple north of the Dark Elf kingdom of Naggaroth, in the Chaos Wastes. The five wizards took advantage of Tz'arkan's vast power to become even more powerful and carry out their plans for conquest and destruction. But the demon, in spite of being caught, managed to influence in some way in the events that led to the destruction to the five sorcerers and, one to one they had a terrible end. When the last of them died, the temple of Tz'arkan fell into oblivion, and its secrets were guarded by the most terrible magical protections.

Thousands of years later, an ambitious Druchii known as Malus Darkblade came to the place where the demon was imprisoned. In order to further increase his political power and cajoled by the legends of ancient treasures within the ruins of the Tz'arkan's prison-temple, Malus organized an expedition to the north to seize them. But what he found was much older and terrible.

Tz'arkan managed to possess the Dark Elf through a jeweled ring he found in the temple and unconsciously put it on his finger. The demon claimed the soul of Malus and promised to free him in exchange for retrieving five artifacts of power that were used by Chaos sorcerers to imprison him, a garment of each of the five missing warlocks, five talismans that can be used to undo the spells That they forged. Each is a powerful magical device in its own right: the Octogon of Prann, the Idol of Kolkuth, Dagger of Torxus, Warpsword of Khaine, and the Amulet of Vaurog. In addition, Malus only had a year and an exact day to carry out its mission, in case of not achieving it in the stipulated time, his life would end and his soul would be eternally enslaved by Tz'arkan. With no other options to get rid of the demon, Malus set off in search of the objects.

The task was arduous and forced Malus to face numerous enemies and dangers. Such was Malus's determination that he did not even hesitate to end the life of members of his own family, making him an outcast among his own race. Throughout all these vicissitudes, the devil constantly kept mocking Malus, manipulating him with half truths to achieve his goals and tempting him to use his power.

On many occasions, Malus was reluctantly forced to resort to the power of the demon to heal his wounds and increase his physical strength in dangerous situations, but each time he did, the demon's corruption spread more and more over the physical body of Malus, transforming it, slowly and inexorably, to turn it into a guest of demons.

In the end Malus obtains success by recovering the relics, but the corruption of Tz'arkan had extended so much that it loses the control of its own physical body. On the eve of his condemnation, Malus returned to the place of possession and performed the ritual that freed the demon from his imprisonment, but the treacherous demon had deceived the dark elf lord, escaping from Malus' own body and not from the great stone of the temple, also snatching his soul in process. When Malus Darkblade was preparing to end his life and use his casing for his own plans, he employed the talismans themselves who had freed the demon against him. On the verge of being destroyed, Tz'arkan escaped of the temple, leaving to Malus in the place, that swore to find the demon and to recover its soul.

After his flight, Tz'arkan raised a fortress in his honor called Solace, beyond the risks of fire and ice in the Chaos Wastes, in the very north of the Old World, from where he drew up his plans. However, to his surprise, after a decade of vicissitudes, Malus not only managed to find him but also had in his power the necessary means to recover his soul snatched by the Daemon.

Unfortunately, this victory was short-lived for Malus. In his travels, he somehow ended up in the realm of the suffering Child-God, a demon even more powerful than Tz'arkan. The Druchii managed to deceive him and escape from his kingdom, but upon realizing it, the Child-God mounted in anger and materialized in the fortress of Tz'arkan, destroying it and killing its servants in the process. Instead of ending Malus's life as well, he found a more perverse way of punishing the Dark Elf for his deception, and for Tz'arkan for putting him on the track that led him to his kingdom. Since then, Tz'arkan continues to dwell within the body of Malus Darkblade, who employs various potions and the power of the Warpsword of Khaine, the only object that had not been destroyed in battle in the temple, to maintain the influence of the daemon under control, although at times he resorts to his strength to deal with adversity.

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