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"Though our fair homeland is beset on all sides, we shall resist, as our fathers did before us. In these dark times, as our tainted brethren ravage our shores, we stand defiant and shall emerge victorious. For we are the Asur, the true kin of Aenarion, and Ulthuan shall never fall."

—Prince Tyrion, Defender of Ulthuan[3f]

Tyrion, also known as the "Heir of Aenarion," the "Dragon of Cothique," the "Champion of the Everqueen," and the "Defender of Ulthuan," is a High Elf Prince and the greatest living High Elven warrior of this age, as well as the twin brother of the High Elf Archmage Teclis. So valiant and skilled is he that the bards of Ulthuan sing that he is nothing less than the first Phoenix King Aenarion reborn -- a tale that is given credence far beyond Ulthuan's shores.[1a]

Since Tyrion's meteoric rise to fame, many have whispered of his destiny to lead the High Elves towards a glorious future, and perhaps one day to take the Phoenix Crown. When Tyrion hears of such gossip, he pays it no heed, for he is unswervingly loyal to the current Phoenix King, Finubar. [1a]

Thus does Tyrion concern himself only with the twin duties of protecting Ulthuan and its Everqueen, the beloved Alarielle. However, the latter is seen less as a duty than it is a calling of the heart -- it is common knowledge that Tyrion is Alarielle's consort, and has been for many years.[1a]

He is a warrior without peer and a foe without mercy. Among the Dark Elves of Naggaroth he is known as "the Reaper," to the Goblins of Red-Axe Pass he is "Orcbane," and to the north the Norscans know him as "Mankiller." For two centuries he has stood between the High Elves of Ulthuan and their many foes. He is a mighty champion, an unbreakable shield against the darkness.[3a][11a]

Though Tyrion is a great warrior, he is no politician, and is much given to speaking his mind or openly seeking truth where others would prefer only silence. But for his lineage and battle record, he would long ago have been ostracised by those nobles who hold themselves to be cleverer and subtler than he. [1a]

As it is, none wish to directly challenge he who banished the Daemon N'kari at the Phoenix Shrine, slew Urian Poisonblade upon the Finuval Plain and set the verminous horde of Kritsqueel to flight with the aid of none save his noble steed Malhandir. [1a]

Moreover, Tyrion not only enjoys royal patronage, he also counts many of Ulthuan's greatest heroes amongst his closest friends and allies. Indeed, some Elves even whisper that Finubar has bidden Tyrion to form a warriors' council -- a body answerable to none save the Phoenix King himself.[1a]

Alas, Tyrion's future may yet come to naught. Across the long millennia, all who have sprung from the line of Morelion, son of Aenarion, have been beset by a terrible curse. It has taken many forms as it has passed through the generations, ranging from madness of spirit and weakness of body to other, more insidious, taints.[1a]

Thus far, Tyrion appears unafflicted, though some whisper his black moods and short temper are but early signs that all should heed. It may yet be that the High Elves' most stalwart defender might one day fade into tragedy or madness. Until that day, those who would threaten Ulthuan must first defeat Tyrion, heir of Aenarion.[1a]


"Our fate brings us here and our fate sends us home! Forth! Forth now! For Ulthuan and the day of our destiny!"

—Prince Tyrion, Defender of Ulthuan[8a]

Early Life

Tyrion, along with his brother the High Elf Archmage Teclis, were born as twin sons to the scholarly Prince Arathion, a direct descendant of the Phoenix King Aenarion himself. Their mother Princess Alysia,died during childbirth, causing their father much pain. Most of Tyrion's early life was spent within a secluded manor within the country of Cothique near the Annulii Mountains. However, they did live in the great city of Lothern for a time when they were very young. Tyrion's father, having spent most of his life and fortune trying to repair the ancient Armour of Aenarion, did little to teach or raise the boys himself. Instead, the elderly Thornberry put it upon herself to take care of the rash and energetic Tyrion, and the frail and sickly Teclis.[5a]

Tyrion was the much stronger and healthier of the two boys. He became a successful hunter, slaying several deers and mutants that came down from the Annulii Mountains and earned the attention of several girls in his area. Although not to the extent of his brother, Tyrion read quite frequently, favoriting military history and strategy. One area he excelled at was Asur Chess, easily beating his father and brother.[5b]

Travelling to Lothern

On the sixteenth birthday of the twins, Lady Malene of House Emeraldsea, the twins' aunt, and Korhien Ironglaive, a White Lion bodyguard arrived at the family house. Malene showed dismay towards the perceived inferiority of the country estate. Malene spent several hours discussing with their father. During this visit, Korhien tried to play chess against Arathion. Tyrion came to watch and took over his father's position. Even with Arathion's poor opening, Tyrion easily beat Korhien, doing so two more times. The White Lion began to have an apprectiation for the young boy, discussing with him about one Caledor the Conqueror's most famous victories.[5c]

The next day saw the bodyguard train him in the use of the sword. Korhien offered him an elegant, majestic longsword, but Tyrion refused it to not seem inferior. However, he did accept it as a loan. For several hours, the two trained, and the older warrior was impressed at how quickly and naturally the young boy picked up on the right stances and flow of swordsmanship. Tyrion also learned that night that him and his brother were being taken to Lothern to be judged by mages. Since the two were of Aenarion's descent, they needed to be checked to see if they had his "curse" to draw the Sword of Khaine. Malene also stated that Teclis would be analyzed as potential for a mage recruit and Tyrion might join the military.[5f]

Although their father had been dispassionate and cold most of their lives, he was sad to see them go the following morning. As Tyrion journeyed to the dock, he looked past the many massive mansions and realized that he might be rich compared to the simple mountain folk, but there were elven families far above his in terms of wealth. The group embarked on one of House Emeraldsea's ships. Two of the junior officer's graciously gave up their bunks to the twins for their room. Tyrion quickly garnered the attraction of the young female sailors, while Teclis was horrendously seasick most of the voyage. [5g]

As they were passing through a network of spells meant to dazzle and confuse human sailors attempting to reach Ulthuan, Teclis explained the spell to his brother. Malene and her lover came over and added that most Asur mages spent time on ships, aiding in combat against sea monsters, pirates, and raiders. As Malene and Teclis talked about the use of magic in sailing, Tyrion approached one of the pretty sailing girls he had seen earlier. She introduced herself as Karaya. She said that he must've been the valuable cargo that they had been sent to retrieve and claimed that he had amazing good looks and an uncanny resemblance to the statue of Aenarion[5g]

Within a few days, a massive storm came and threatened the whole ship. Tryion tied himself down and watched in awe as the officer's and Malene kept an impressive aura of leadership as they kept the ship alive. He would keep this in the back of his mind for the rest of his life. Once the storm had passed, he went up to the crow's nest and chatted with Karaya. There, they kissed and made love as the came into view of the harbor. Tyrion came down to Teclis who showed him the statue of Aenarion in the harbor and its resemblance to him.[5h]

Emeraldsea Palace

As they arrived in the palace, Karaya disappeared off into the docks. Tyrion was shocked at the sheer size of the city. He had never known anything like this before in his entire life. The scope of Emeraldsea Palace amazed him as he went into his family's headquarters. The twins met with Lord Emeraldsea, their grandfather, and he noticed the resemblance as so many already had. He was a bit ruder to Teclis, but a witty remark made him smile and change his mind. The brothers had a massive apartment, easily the size of their entire house back home. Liselle, Malene's daughter and their cousin, came to greet them before being shushed away by her mother.[5j]

Malene warned them that things in the city were far more formal and rigid than on a ship, explaining to them to customs of address and clothing. Tailors then came in and measured their bodies for clothing length. The next morning saw Korhien have Tyrion join a group of other younger students. During this session, he met Urian Poisonblade, disguised as Prince Iltharis. Tyrion would also introduce himself to several other elves.That night, he snuck out of the house and went through the city of Lothern. Tyrion stumbled into the old house that his family had lived in when they were very young, finding a picture of his mother. He reported to Teclis of what he had seen who shared his feelings of melancholy. Tyrion went out again the next night, walking to the foreign quarter. He had never seen a human or dwarf before and was overwhelmed by the exoticness of the port. A drunken man stumbled into Tyrion along with his friends, insulting him. The two nearly got into a fight before a smarter man intervened to prevent Asur vengeance. [5k]

Circle of Blades

Tyrion and Teclis were both invited to a ball held by House Emeraldsea. Lady Malene gave them lessons of formality: lessons that Tyrion found stifling. the ball came within a few days, and Tyrion was introduced to some of Liselle's friends.she mentioned to Tyrion - much to his annoyance - about hearing how the Druchii leave cripples exposed upon the mountainside as babies, to prevent them from being a burden on the rest of the community. She then mentioned how the Asur ancestors used to do the same, before the Sundering. She went on to gossip about people saying the Asur were growing weak and decadent, to which Tyrion asked if she thought becoming like the Druchii would make Ulthuan any less decadent, joking that they should be more like dwarfs to make themselves less stubborn. The two's discussion then went into Liselle proudly praising Finubar by suggesting the previous Phoenix King had made the High Elves decadent, that Finubar was seafarer and an explorer, not some dark conjurer. When Tyrion went on to say in all seriousness that it was unnecessary for one to denigrate one person in order to praise another - Liselle laughed. She admitted at times she thought Tyrion could not possibly be an Elf, but some sort of changeling, for their was little to no malice within him. To this, Tyrion claimed one needed no malice to be an Elf, only to have Liselle remind him that Lothern was a nasty place, and not to be fooled by civility. She claimed that many of the people at the ball would stab Tyrion in the back if they thought it would get them ahead in the world. And not just metaphorically.The same night, after Larien had challenged Tyrion to the Circle of Blades, Liselle came up to her cousin's door in a nightrobe that clearly had nothing beneath it. From there, they kissed, experimented in foreplay, and playful banter, before the girl led Tyrion by the hand to bed with her.[5t]

For several days after the challenge, Tyrion trained vigorously with Korhien. Lord Emeraldsea also summoned his grandson and gave him a lecture on duels. His grandfather had tried to get Lauren’s house to call off the duel with payment, as was usual in Lothern, but he had refused. Lord Emeraldsea wished Tyrion the best of luck, saying that if he was killed, then the punishment for Larien’s house would be remembered for generations. He did suggest caution, as Larien had killed others in duels before .The night before the duel, Liselle came to make love to Tyrion again. She pretended to wish him luck, but Tyrion saw that it was just a farce and that she really didn’t mean it. [5s]

The duel, as was custom, was set upon Watch Hill, a hillock overlooking the North Wall and Harbor. Korhien and Urian gave last minute advice. They suspected that Larien would try to lull him into following his pattern, only to pull an unexpected move. Sixty guards surrounded Tyrion and his rival, ensuring that any who escaped would be impaled on a wall of spears. Just as his mentors predicted, Larien purposefully held back and pretended to be slower than he actually was. Tyrion parried all of his strokes and managed to get several attacks at him. When Larien tried to move his sword to a tricky place to get in a shot, Tyrion punched him in the nose and rammed his sword through Larien’s gut. Blood splattered everywhere as Tyrion finished him off with a strike to the heart. His friends and brother took him out for a drink. Tyrion felt alive like never before, realizing that this was his calling. [5s]

Several days later, Tyrion and Teclis met with the current Phoenix King Finubar.  Finubar inspected the two descendants of Aenarion and had a cordial and amiable attitude towards the boys. Finubar claimed to have been impressed by Tyrion’s chess skills and Teclis’ magic abilities and told them their trial would be held at the Temple of Asuryan. The Phoenix King told them that they would be both examined there for any curse and protected from the marauding Slaaneshi army that was rampaging across Ulthuan. [5u]

Tyrion was the first to be examined at the Island. Surrounded by priests of Asuryan, they inspected his body and found no signs of possible corruption, declaring him clean. The priests also recognized his potential destiny as king and one who would wield the sword. They did the same with Teclis.Right after this happened, a host of demons and cultist lead by N’Kari attacked the isle. Even with the reinforced garrison, the greater demon slammed through the lines and marched into the Temple. Teclis and Tyrion stood inside as twenty Phoenix Guard held the line. N’Kari slaughtered them all as Teclis delved into the essence of Asuryan, begging for assistance. Tyrion managed to delay the demon long enough for Teclis to unleash a devastating magical blast that crippled the creature. Tyrion then managed to get several slashes into its back. Teclis, nearly at the point of death from exhaustion, threw every magical essence he had into Tyrion’s sword that carved down into the demon, banishing it. [5v]

Tyrion and Teclis would become Bradley celebrities on Ulthuan as they had proven themselves to be true heirs of Aenarion. Teclis went on to become one of the youngest Loremasters ever while Tyrion became a renowned warrior, fighting in hundreds of battles. He had earned a small fortune from raising Naggaroth, investing it in trading vessels and land.

Quest for Sunfang

One hundred years after their fight with N’Kari, Tyrion and Teclis journeyed to Skeggi on the Lustrian coast to investigate reports of the legendary blade Sunfang. Sunfang had been given to Aenarion’s trusted comrade Furuon, who passed it down to his generations until  Nathanis died and lost it in the old world. It was eventually picked up by the Estalia John Argentes who died with the blade in Zultec. They hired a team of porters and bodyguards of mostly Norse descent and trucked through the Jungle. Most of their team was killed by the Lustrian jungle’s many deadly inhabitants. A stegadon attacked them one day, slaughtering several of the Norse as it rampaged through the camp. Tyrion jumped on its back and tried to attack it, but its bony plates were too strong. He darted behind its spines as Teclis unleashed a wave of fire that immolated the beast, causing the monster to flee.[7a]

After they recovered, their guide explained that they were very close to the city of Zultec. All they needed to do was follow a stream North until they hit the ruins. The next day saw an attack from Skinks that Tyrion repulsed as several more of their team died.  The expedition carried onwards, reaching the outskirts of Zultec. Tyrion felt that the city was extremely alien to him. When he looked at human architecture, there was a pattern that he saw, but none of that was here. Tyrion knew there was something to do with mathematical ratios, but it was not known to him. Teclis marched into the central temple and found a sealed wall. Muttering an incantation, the door opened and revealed John Argentes’ body and several other corpses. Their bodies had been preserved somehow, and Sunfanf lay on the ground nearby. Before Teclis could warn them, the human rushed forward to grab the gold. Several skink ghost materialized and possessed the corpses, ripping apart two men. A fight ensued with Tyrion trying to slice up the bodies before rushing to grab Sunfang. Teclis unleashed a wall of fire that burned the corpses to cinders.[7b]

After the fight, the Norse adventurers were ecstatic with the immense wealth they had found. Leiber, their guide who had spent his whole life searching for these ruins, stood there dumbfounded, as if his life no longer held meaning. Tyrion mused on how maybe his father would end up the same way if he ever fixed the Armor of Aenarion. After several weeks, the expedition finally made it back to Skeggi. Crowds of people gathered around them as they came back with hordes of treasure and the legendary blade. In the harbor, they found a House Emeraldsea ship. This was the same ship that had taken him from Cothique to Lothern all those years ago, the Eagle of Lothern. Captain Joyelle greeted them and informed them of the Everqueen’s death. Lady Malene has sent the ship to request Tyrion be an applicant for the Everqueen’s champion. Tyrion and Teclis debated the effects that this completion might have. Like nearly all male elves, Tyrion had always wanted to be a hero and perhaps even Phoenix King. His recent successes had sparked rumors of him being a possible next candidate when Finubar died. However, Tyrion still believed that this appointment might restrict him, but, on the other hand, he might never get the backing again if he refused this from House Emeraldsea. Teclis picked up Sunfang and almost seared his brother with its jet of flames. Tyrion joked that he shouldn’t set fire to the ship as it was a long swim to Ulthuan. Teclis responded by saying that he couldn’t even swim anyways.[7c]

The Everqueen's Champion

"Asuryan did not save any of the warriors with you, or any of the priests guarding his shrine. He lent his power to you and your brother. I would respectfully submit that he most likely did it for his own reasons. Now you return from the blighted edges of the world carrying a blade that was forged by Caledor and borne by Aenarion himself. I can almost feel the forces of destiny lining up behind you."

—Korhien Ironglaive, former Captain of the White Lions.[7b]

Once Tyrion met with Malene, now Lord Emeraldsea, she requested that he add himself onto the list of Everqueen’s potential champions. Malene stated that he would clear up his reputation as an adulterer and brawler with this position. The position would also give him serious influence on the new Everqueen. Malene also felt as if a bad omen was upon them. The House had lost no ships from Druchii raids in several years, something astonishing. She believed something terrible was on the move. Tyrion switched the topic and asked when he left for Avelorn. He also requested that she have his bank account pay off his father’s debts and add a further thousand in payment.[7d]

Tyrion then went out drinking with his friends. Orysian, a bully who likely would’ve been his enemy if he knew we would lose his fight, made him drink several bottles of wine to the point of intoxication. While out walking , he realized that he probably looked thuggish with his rough company of friends. He glared at anyone who he saw, daring them to come at him. Even the town guards looked nervous, knowing that he and his friends had family members in positions of power. This upset him, knowing that his aunt's words about his reputation were true. The group sauntered into The Golden Lion, a drinking area right on the edge of the human quarter. There, his group got into a fight with Paladine Stormcastle, a member of an enemy house.After waking up with a headache, Tyrion attempted to clear it with a training session with Iltharis. Iltharis mentioned the recent passing of the Everqueen, secretly his own doing. Tyrion joked about his sentimental attitude towards and began to attack. Tyrion had obviously been getting better and nearly succeeded in winning his first time against Iltharis. However, the older prince was still just too good and managed to disarm him.[7e]

Tyrion returned to meet his father, who had recently moved back to Lothern, and brother working on the sword. Their father was ecstatic to find the weapon, looking over it with childlike joy. If he was able to research it, Arathion could be able to repair the magic on his lifetime passion, the Armour of Aenarion.Tyrion then met with Korhien. The White Lion stated that he had seen greatness in Tyrion, just like his famous ancestor. He had returned with the legendary Sunfang and was a strong contender for the next Phoenix King. Malene walked in and gave him details of his travel to Avelorn. A ship with Atharis, one of his good friends, would take him to the forested realm. Tyrion could tell that the two were still intimate, even though they had gone separate ways.[7f]

The ship departed from the Inner Sea. Atharis and Teclis had a brief argument on deck, and the mage explained to his brother his problems with other elves. Tyrion insisted that he try at least a small amount to make a good impression on others, but Teclis had resigned himself to the fact that he was never going to be accepted by the Asur. Tyrion accepted that maybe Teclis was destined to be an outsider. After several days at sea, the ship arrived at Cairn Auriel. There, the two brothers parted ways and agreed to keep in touch. Tyrion marched on with his fifty soldiers and fifty servants. Once at the tournament grounds, he and Atharis discussed their possible contenders. One of them, Arhalien of Yvresse was the favored candidate for the position. It seemed as if many elves had come to Averlorn just for this. A small city of tents had been set up there. Tyrion ventured into it to see how the elves of Averlorn lived. He noticed that this was the way that elves had existed before Aenarion, festively happy like this constantly. Noticing a pretty girl blow him a kiss, Tyrion walked over to her and began a discussion about the tournament. Lyla introduced herself to him, and he to her. She recognized his name from his actions at the Shrine of Asuryan and offered to get him some wine. They were naked in her tent ten minutes later. After getting his clothes back on, Tyrion listened to a poet recite the legend of Caledor the Conqueror. He realized that in total, there were far more elves on Ulthuan who lived like this than those elves in Lothern. Tyrion ventured over to an archery contest and inspected the expert archers. Each one of them must’ve participated in dozens of skirmishes and battles to reach this level of expertise. Watching them shoot, Tyrion thought to himself about the potential of the Everqueen’s champion. The new queen had yet to set a tone. If he got the position, he really could set the tone of the age. In spite of everything, he was happy to be in that forest.[7g]

The next day was the first time Tyrion stood with all of the contestants. He wondered what were the stories they all had. He knew several of them had heard of his victory over N’Kari and his ancient Ancestry. He wondered if the demon would ever come back for him, believing it likely would. A herald announced the coming of the Everqueen and the role of her champion before assigning the competitors. Tyrion easily beat his first two matches and then went against Arhalien. The princes were very cordial towards each other before they started. Nonetheless, Tyrion was the superior swordsman and won the duel. His final fight was against Perien, a smug and arrogant prince. After landing a hit on his shoulder, Tyrion smacked the sword out of Perien’s hand, winning the last duel.[7h]

Alarielle inspected each one of the champions stopping at Tyrion. He looked around and saw that all of her subjects were under a spell of love and awe of their queen. However, the spell had a slightly different effect on him, making him cranky and irritable. When she approached him, Tyrion bowed but not in the acceptable way. Rather, he used the bow towards an equal or near equal. Several of the queen’s guards shot him deadly flares, and more than a few people in the audience were shocked at the disrespect. Alarielle showed no signs of anger, only intrigue before she moved on. Tyrion cursed himself and thought he could not have done worse if he had tried.[7i]

The evening was spent in a massive tent for dinner. The implicit goal was to show off one’s knowledge and scholarly skills. Tyrion held his tongue for most of the dinner until Parien came up and started to insult him and Teclis. Tyrion responded by saying that his brother was much braver by venturing to Lustria and finding Sunfanf. Many eyes were upon them, and Tyrion claimed that the sword was his due to the legal claimants all being dead. The next morning was the final aspect of the tournament: jousting. Tyrion had not excelled in his jousting training, and this worried him. He defeated his first three challenges, including Parien, with ease. However, his last opponent was Arhalien, perhaps the best elf with a lance in the world. Tyrion knew he had to win this fight to secure the position, but he lost, getting knocked off his horse by the superior jouster. He skulked back to his tent to clear his mind.[7j]

That night, a massive host of Dark Elves assaulted the tent city. Hundreds of Asur were slaughtered from the surprise attack and impaled on Druchii spears. Tyrion awoke to this and quickly put on his armor and grabbed Sunfang. His friends and guards outside were all dead, and a swarm of dark elves came at him. He cut them down in droves until he was alone. Tyrion realized that if they were here, it could be for one reason only. In that moment, realization hit him that Malekith intended to seize the Everqueen. He cleverly disguised himself as a dark elf soldier and marched into the pavilion past the troops guarding the entrances. General Dorian, the man who had coordinated the assault, asked what his purpose was. Tyrion claimed that there was a change of plans before cutting down the entire command staff and freeing the Everqueen.[7r]

Pursuit through Avleorn

"Tyrion is the soul of charm. People like him. He knows how to put them at ease."

—Loremaster Teclis, twin brother.[5s]
High Elves Total War Warhammer 2 Loading Screen

Tyrion leading the Shining Host of Ulthuan.

The two rushed through the forest, desperately trying to escape the slaughter behind them. Tyrion realized that he had got the position of champion by default now since all the other contestants were dead. He knew that any inspection of them by Druchii forces would destroy their disguise. As he thought of this, a dozen Witch Elves emerged. Their leader questioned Tyrion on his commanding officer and laughed at his improvised response. She almost parried his blade before it sliced into her head. Tyrion dashed to take out two more to his left instantly. The rest of them swarmed him, losing three of their own to Sunfang. He managed to deflect a shot aimed at Alarielle, but one of the Witch Elves penetrated his armor with her dagger. Alarielle unleashed a blinding spell that helped him kill the last few enemies. Tyrion took off his armor and inspected the wound. It was a mere scratch, but the poison inside could be deadly. They used some of the alcohol in the stolen canteen to patch it up and moved again, heading East.[14a]

The duo pushed through the woods until they decided to monetarily rest. Tyrion thought to himself that he might have to kill the Everqueen to prevent her capture. Alarielle confirmed his thoughts, stating he would have to put aside his emotions and do his duty if needed. She found a stick and began carving a small bow for hunting. Soon, she had shot several birds and began cooking. Alarielle questioned why he dislikes her and revealed her insecurities about the elves worshipping her. After she took a quick nap, Tyrion woke her to the fact that Cold Ones on their track. The two ran almost the entire day, but never seemed to be outpacing the infantry behind them. They were eventually discovered by a group of Shades before Tyrion kept from the bushes and killed one. Alarielle shot their leader in the eye. He killed two others before an entire regiment moved in on them. Soon, cold one knights were nearly on them. They dashed to the River Everflow. However, three cold ones with raiders began to bear down on them. Tyrion turned to delay them, slicing the leg of one and impaling its rider. The other two ran towards him, and Alarielle shot one through the visor in his helmet. He hopped into the saddle and sliced the jugular of the beast. The other one knocked him down with its tail, but Tyrion used Sunfang to cast a fireball at the animal. Alarielle ran up onto a tree to swing across with the vines like she had done in her childhood. Tyrion was shocked that she was able to do that in her childhood to which Alarielle responses that nobody said anything about being allowed to do that. She swung across easily and managed to land like an acrobat. Tyrion was not so lucky and plunged into the river, becoming separated for the time being.[14b][14c][14d]

The cold water had completely sapped his strength as we washed up on the shore. He feared for the Everqueen who was now alone. A pack of Cold Ones barely missed him as they passed by. He felt that it took hours for them to move even though it was only a few minutes. Using Sunfang’s hear, he warmed himself for a few minutes to recover from the fall. Dropping his armor for stealth, he began to move through the forest desperately. That night, he stumbled into a Druchii camp and watched them roast a small animal. He pondered about how familiar they were. The group chatted about what they would do with Alarielle if they found her and pondered who this famous warrior could be. One of them suggested they set a watch, and Tyrion knew it was his time to strike. After killing them all, Alarielle came up to him, and they once again set off. A flock of birds, summoned by the Dark Elven Sorceresses, began to hover over their position, cawing at them loudly. Alarielle though that Winterwood Palace was the best place to get out of their sight. [14e]

Alarielle guided him through what appeared to be just a cave with roots, but after coming through several tunnels, Tyrion discovered that it was a palace indeed. Alarielle went and found the Moonstaff of Lileath and several elixirs. Finally safe, at least for a short while, Tyrion slept for three days, sometimes waking up raving. When he woke up, the elixirs finally did their work on the poison. He ate some food and stretched before falling back asleep to Alarielle’s song. When he woke again, he scouted the outside and was nearly shot by a Naggarothi crossbow. Tyrion then cut threw the attackers who were not used to fighting such a skilled warrior chapter. The two escaped and dodged several patrols. But by this point the poison in Tyrion was becoming worse again, and he could barely move without horrible pain. Alarielle guided him to the Dark wood, an ancient forest still tainted by Chaos. [14f]

The forest set Tyrion off edge. Even as insensitive to the tainted magic as he was, it still unnerved him. Alarielle explained how only the forest rangers came in here, and they only came to kill the mutants that spawned here. Soon, a manticore began to pursue them. It charged at them when Tyrion had settled down for camp. Only by launching a blast of fire at its feet was Tyrion able to scare it off. However, the four elite assassins arrived and walked over to the camp. Tyrion knew he would have to give everything he had to prevent Alarielle from being captured. He launched a fireball right into Vidor and sent him flying. Khalion spoke a spell that slowed him greatly. Tyrion knew he had to end the fight quickly and threw his blade into Khalion’s chest. Balial charged at him with the axe which Tyrion could barely dodge. Amara was ensnared by Alarielle’s spell but was knocked her out with a hit to the forehead. Grabbing the staff, Tyrion blocked the brute’s axe swipes and caught the girl’s dagger mid air, throwing it back into her skull. He ran to grab his sword as the pain in his side threatened to pass him out. However, the giant was unrelenting and have him no room to maneuver. Tyrion pushed back and crushed his windpipe with the staff. Balial kicked him to the ground. With a Herculean effort, Tyrion dodged the next blow and grabbed the sword, going on the offensive. As his windpipe gave out, Tyrion sliced his throat off. Vidor was barely alive as Tyrion sat dowd at the camp and the dying assassin sent a message to Malekith. [14g]

Alarielle briefly manifested as the goddess Lilieath. The combined force of all the Everqueens helped his wound. Tyrion listened as she explained the complexities of the relationship between her and the goddess. She then urged him down as N’Kari finally caught up with them. The demon taunted them and told them of how it would gain vengeance on all. Tyrion pitifully tried to slice at it but missed. Alarielle launched a wave of green energy that the demon neutralized. As it did this, Tyrion managed to cut into it once before collapsing from the pain. It was at this moment that Teclis arrived. He launched a missile that incinerated its back before unbinding the chains and ushering a banishing spell. Teclis launched one final and massive attack the sundered N’Kari out of existence. [14h]Teclis went to work trying to clear the poisoned wound. He released a set of special maggots who ate away at the corrupted flesh and cast aspell to heal the wound. [14i][14j]

Battle of Finuval Plain

Tyrion introduced the queen at the camps when he arrived in Saphery, the location where both armies were gathering for a decisive battle, and was once again impressed on how much of an influence she had on others. Korhien embraced him and handed him a bottle of wine that would help heal wounds for the battle. Ironglave informed Tyrion on the news of the war, most of it grim. He also mentioned a potential assassination attempt by Iltharis, now revealed to be a traitor. The shock of this news sent ripples through Tyrion’s body. He was bewildered that such betrayal could come from such a close ally. Nevertheless, he prepared for the battle to come. One more surprise was to await him before the battle. His father arrived from Cothique and informed of him of how he was doing graciously accepted it and prepared for the fight. [14k]

Tyrion led an elite cavalry unit during an early skirmish, causing mayhem among the Dark Elf infantry and cutting a swath through them. At a point during the heavy fighting, he noticed that an enemy cavalry division was closing in on their flank and ordered his troops to charge them to avoid encirclement. The two cavalry forces smashed into one another and sent elves flying. During the battle, Tyrion noticed a familiar face among the soldiers. He shouted out to Urian to face him. The assassin did so, and their steeds rammed into each other. Tyrion’s heavier steed crushed the other mount’s skull before Urian jumped down and gutted his steed. As he fell, Poisonblade put his blades at Tyrion’s neck. The assassin spared him and said it would be a favor to die here rather than face capture. The prince jumped up and began to duel Urian. Tyrion had never fought so well with a sword, but it was not enough. He was pushed back, and an Asur rider who had seen what was happening charged. Urian jumped and kicked the elf out of the saddle, waving farewell to Tyrion before withdrawing his forces. Tyrion found a new horse before settling in with his troops at the camp. Teclis showed up and discussed with him about how magic was going to be decisive. They simply did not have the numbers and imitative to win through arms. As they talked, Tyrion revealed his love for Alarielle, feeling the need to confess it if he died. Tyrion also confessed his guilt over Urian sparing him, stating that he was always going to be better with a weapon. Teclis reminded him that all of the High Elf warriors believed that he was their greatest warrior now, not Korhien Ironglave. The mage also believed that there would be single combat before the battle, and that he would likely be one of the champions. [14l]

Warhammer Tyrion Arts

The Dragon of Cothique

That night the two armies camped almost within bowshot of each other. The watchfires of one force could be seen by the pickets of the other. In the Elf camp Tyrion and Teclis were greeted by their father Arathion. The old Elf lord gifted Tyrion with the Dragon Armour of Aenarion. This armour had been worn by the first Phoenix King during the ancient wars with Chaos during the Great catastrophe. It had been forged in the fires of the volcano of Vaul's Anvil and could resist the fiery breath of Dragons.[3b]

Out of gratitude for his rescue of the Everqueen, the Elves of Ellyrion presented him with their finest steed, Malhandir, last of the bloodline of Korhandir, father of horses. The Everqueen herself gifted him with a heart-shaped brooch which she had woven with enchantments for his safe return. In his mighty fist Tyrion grasped the runesword Sunfang, forged in elder days to be the bane of Daemons. So Tyrion was made ready for battle. To Teclis, Alarielle gave the sacred Staff of Lileath. It granted him strength and power so great that he had no need for his enabling potions. He refused the offer of any sword, preferring to use the blade he had forged with his own hands. He was now ready to stand beside his brother in the heat of battle.[3b]

The coming of day revealed the full extent of the Chaos forces. Endless ranks of Dark Elf crossbowmen chanted the praises of Slaanesh. A horde of Cold Ones croaked and bellowed in the chill morning light. Mail-armoured warriors brandished their spears. Witch Elves cackled and screamed maniacally. Beastmasters herded monsters into position. One entire flank of the Witch King's army was held by Chaos knights and their bestial retinues. The Elves were greatly outnumbered and the situation looked desperate. From a blasted hill in the centre of that evil army, the gigantic black-armoured figure of the Witch King surveyed the battlefield, confident that victory was within his iron-clawed grasp. Urian Poisonblade, the Witch King's personal champion, called out a challenge to single combat.[3c]

Urian's reputation preceded him. He had been bred for battle by the Witch King himself. He was the greatest of assassins, the most relentless of slayers. He had the heart of a daemon and the eyes of a hawk. He could kill a bull with one blow of his bare hands, and deflect an arrow in flight with a sweep of his blade. On his brow was the mark of Khaine. He was Death incarnate. Arhalien of Yvresse was the first to respond. He was a mighty soldier, a veteran of countless battles. Urian cut him down as if he were a child. The Elf army moaned in despair and dismay. Next was Korhien Ironglaive, captain of the White Lions, the most renowned warrior of Chrace. Blows were exchanged faster than the eye could follow but to no avail — within minutes the proud High Elf lay headless on the plain. Then Tyrion strode forth.[3c]

It was a battle the like of which those present had never before witnessed. It was as if gods themselves made war. Sparks flew as blade clashed against blade. Both warriors fought in deadly silence. Again and again, Urian's glowing black blade was turned by Tyrion's armour. Again and again, the master assassin ducked the sweep of Sunfang. They fought for an hour and it seemed that neither would have the edge. Spells blistered the air around them as the Witch King sought to aid his champion. Sweat glistening on his brow, Tcclis dispelled them. Every witness held their breath. It seemed impossible that anyone could survive in the middle of that storm of blades.[3c]

Then Tyrion slipped and Urian loomed over him blade held high. It was the opening that the High Elf had waited for. A quick thrust of his weapon found the assassin's heart. The host of darkness let out a howl of anguish and charged forward to overwhelm the lone Elf warrior and the Elf army raced to meet them. Malhandir reached his master first and Tyrion vaulted into the saddle then turned to face his foes. The two forces clashed at the heart of Finuval Plain. The Dark Elves had the greater number and their allies were fell. The High Elves were fighting for their homeland and the Everqueen. They had the desperate courage that this might be their last chance to turn the tide. For an entire day, the armies fought with savage fury. Both sides were driven by the consuming hatred that their ancient civil war had bred.[3c]

Flights of crossbow bolts, so numerous they darkened the sky, were met by clouds of white fletched arrows. Great lumbering Cold Ones were hamstrung by nimble Elven warriors. The horsemen of Ellyrion were pulled down by the foul beasts of Chaos. Spells crackled back and forth through the air. Blood mingled with the dust thrown up by the battle. Thousands died but neither side gave any ground. So great was the carnage that warriors fought over bodies of the dead and ravens feasted on the wounded trapped inside the mounds of corpses. Right at the centre, Tyrion fought with the fury of an enraged beast. His great burning blade cut down foes with every stroke, and his shining mail turned the swords of his desperate foes. By himself he was worth an army. Where he rode the Elves took heart. Malhandir trampled Dark Elves beneath his silver-shod hooves. But Tyrion could not be everywhere at once and slowly the weight of numbers turned the battle against the High Elves.[3c]

Defeat of the Witch King

Warhammer Tyrion and Teclis

Tyrion and his brother Teclis, fighting side by side.

At the heart of the battle, Teclis wrestled with the dark sorcery of the Witch King. Naggaroth's dark master had perfected his evil arts over long millennia and for the first time Teclis met a foe that was his match. Awesome magical energies were focussed and brought to bear. Lightning streaked the darkening sky. Terrible clouds, capable of stripping warriors to the bone, were turned aside by magical winds. Daemons howled and gibbered as they surged through the carnage. Teclis strode into the sky to better observe the battle. From the blasted hilltop the Witch King matched him spell for spell. Teclis saw that the battle had turned. The size of the Dark Elf warhost was too great. It looked as if the Elves would be utterly massacred. Now there was nothing else for it. It was time for a last desperate gamble. He invoked the power of Lileath.[3c]

His staff glowed and pulsed as the goddess fed him energy. Teclis sculpted the power into one bolt of titanic power and unleashed it upon the Witch King. Frantically the evil one tried to turn it aside but could not. The blast descended on him, burning into his very soul. At the final moment he was forced to cast himself into the Realm of Chaos to avoid final and utter death. Freed now from the burden of dealing with the Witch King, Teclis turned his energies on the horde of evil. Spell after spell crashed down on the Dark Elves, the carnage was too awful to contemplate. Malhandir brought Tyrion face to face with the Witch King's standard-bearer. The High Elf cut down his foe with ease. Malhandir trampled the Witch King's banner into the mud. Seeing their Lord defeated and their standard smashed the Dark Elves fell into despair. Overhead a seemingly unstoppable mage rained magical doom down on them, whilst before them an unstoppable warrior clove through their ranks like a ship through the waves.[3c]

Almost to a man that vast army turned and fled. Almost to a man they were cut down. The High Elves had won their first major victory of the year. The tides had turned. Tyrion led the army south to relieve Lothern. Word of his coming gave heart to the High Elves. The tall warrior wearing the Everqueen's favour and his sorcerer twin became feared by their foes. The High Elf army fell on the besiegers of Lothern, putting them to the sword. The Phoenix King led his guard from Lothern to meet them. Caught between the hammer and the anvil the besieging army was crushed. Outside the walls of Lothern, Tyrion and Teclis were greeted by the Phoenix King himself. Within two days a great plan was conceived to drive the Dark Elves from the land. Tyrion would lead one High Elf army to Saphery to relieve the Tower of Hoeth. The Phoenix King would drive north and engage the enemy directly. Word arrived from Caledon that the dragons had been roused. Victory was within the High Elves' grasp.[3d]

Gift of Magic

Just as the armies readied to set out, a battered ship limped into harbour. It was commanded by Pieter Lazio, personal ambassador of the Imperial general Magnus the Pious. He bore a tale of woe from the Old World. The armies of Chaos had overrun Kislev and looked set to sweep over the lands of Men. Magnus had led the human defence of the Empire and, desperate for help, had sent to the Elves for aid. The Elves knew they could barely spare a single warrior from their forces and yet they knew that if Mankind fell, the forces of Chaos in the Old World would be free to aid the Dark Elves. Hearing the call of destiny once more, Teclis volunteered to go to the aid of Mankind.[3d]

Yrtle and Finreir, two of his old comrades from the Tower of Hoeth agreed to go with him. It was all that could be done. The two brothers parted at the docks in Lothern. It was a bleak farewell. Neither knew if they would ever see each other again. Teclis took to his ship. Tyrion rode away with his army. It would be many long years before they saw each other again. Now leading the Elf army, Tyrion proved to be every bit as skillful a general as he was a warrior. His surprise attack routed the Chaos forces in the woods around the White Tower. Joined by a contingent of Swordmasters, his army marched on into southern Avelorn to reclaim the Everqueen's land. There the Dark Elves had been demoralised by the Witch King's defeat and hounded relentlessly by guerrilla forces. Tyrion drove them out of the woods and into the hills of southern Chrace.[3d]

In this mountainous land a savage war of ambush and counter-ambush was fought. But the Phoenix King had lent Tyrion the services of a unit of White Lions and these bold warriors' knowledge of their homeland was to prove invaluable. In the year 2303, exactly two years after the invasion began, the Phoenix King and Tyrion met at Tor Achare, the capital of Chrace. The Dark Elves had been driven from the mainland of Ulthuan. The war was all but over, although bitter fighting was to rumble on in the islands for many decades. In the Old World, Teclis and his companions arrived at the court of Magnus the Pious, where Teclis's wise advice and mighty sorcery soon made him an invaluable counsellor. The influence of the three High Elf Mages changed the course of the war. They taught some simple battle spells to the human hedge wizards and these, Combined with their own command of awesome forces, aided in many victories for the men. In numerous battles they proved their willingness to spill their own blood in defence of the lands of man and Teclis and Finreir both took many wounds.[3d]

Yrtle himself fell in battle and was buried with great honour. But it was after the war, when Magnus had driven the enemy from the land and he'd been hailed as the new Emperor, that he performed what was to be his most significant act. Magnus requested that Finreir and Teclis teach the full secrets of magic to men. The new Emperor had seen how instrumental it had been in holding back the tide of Chaos and wanted to add yet another weapon to Mankind's arsenal. At first Finreir resisted. Elves and Men had come to blows in the past and might do so again. Teclis disagreed, arguing that by helping Men protect themselves against Chaos, they would create an invaluable bulwark against the forces of darkness. Eventually, Teclis's view prevailed and the Colleges of Magic were established. Teclis himself taught the first human students and more than twenty years passed before he returned home. Through his work as a teacher, he became fond of the race of Men and saw in it the possibility and the threat that in time it might far exceed the declining race of Elves.[3d]

The two brothers met again at their ancestral home in the year 2326 when Teclis returned for their father's funeral. It was a sad moment but the two embraced joyously. Tyrion was now the chosen Champion of the Everqueen, second only to the Phoenix King among the defenders of Ulthuan. Teclis planned to return to the Empire to continue his work, but word came that the High Loremaster of the White Tower had died and the council offered Teclis his position. Teclis could not refuse such an honour and so he returned to the Tower of Hoeth.[3d]

Since the days of the Great War Against Chaos the two brothers have been active in the defence of Ulthuan. Tyrion led the army that defeated Erik Redaxe's army of Norse raiders and twice led expeditions to the Blighted Isle to reclaim the Altar of Khaine from the Dark Elves. Both times he drove the spawn of Naggaroth off but always they return. When not leading the armies to war he dwells at the court of the Everqueen and keeps the peace in Avelorn, slaying marauding monsters and hunting down bands of Beastmen and Goblins. Teclis probes the ancient mysteries of sorcery at the White Tower. Often his researches demand that he visit the far corners of the world and he has ventured as far afield as Cathay and Lustria. He has aided armies both human and High Elf against the forces of evil and so does the fame of the Twin's grow larger ever still.[3d]

End Times

During the End Times, in the battle with the forces of Chaos for the Imperial city of Averheim, Ka'Bandha, a high-ranking Bloodthirster of Khorne, was grievously injured in combat with Caradryan, the High Elven captain of the Phoenix Guard of Ulthuan and his Phoenix, Ashtari. The Daemon managed to kill the firebird, but Caradryan leapt from the saddle of his dead mount's back and carved through the Bloodthirster's crown and scalp, causing the Daemon to howl in pain for the first time in his existence. In return, the Greater Daemon broke Caradryan's legs as if they were mere twigs, swatting him to the ground and then stepping on him with one great hoof.[13a]

However, Caradryan set the Bloodthirster on fire, providing an opening for Emperor Karl Franz and his Griffon Deathclaw to strike. However, they too were smashed aside by the rampaging Daemon, and Deathclaw was rendered unconscious. Just as Ka'Bandha moved to finish the emperor off, it was at that moment that Tyrion and his Elven Steed Malhandir arrived to stop the Bloodthirster's rampage.[13b]

Ka'Bandha had already slain one Incarnate of the Winds of Magic, but Tyrion was a far more challenging foe. Even before the power of the magical Wind of Hysh had infused him, the prince had been one of the mortal world's foremost warriors -- now, he was all but unstoppable. Thus he matched Ka'Bandha's strength with speed and skill. Again and again the Daemon's warhammer crashed down, throwing dust and wicked stone shards in all directions, but Malhandir's swiftness ensured Tyrion was never struck. The hammer-flail's chain whistled through the air with every strike, but each time, Tyrion's blade Sunfang's gleaming blade deflected the links before they could snare its wielder.[13c]

Tyrion managed to wound the Greater Daemon, Sunfang tearing through not only its wing, but three of its bony vanes. Ka'Bandha roared in pain and rounded on Tyrion, aiming to split the prince in two with his axe. Sunfang rose to meet it, and the two weapons clashed with an ear-splitting screech and flash of light. Once more, Sunfang proved the superior blade and sheared away a vast shard of Ka'Bandha's axe-blade, but the force of the blow knocked Tyrion from the saddle. As the Daemon raised his hoof to crush the life from Tyrion as he had Caradryan, the Liche Nagash appeared on the battlefield, unintentionally saving the High Elf prince. Ka'Bandha saw the Great Necromancer as the worthier prey and thus forgot about Tyrion, who was was borne away by his steed Malhandir.[13d]


"I used to think I wanted to be a hero. I could not be a mage but I could be a mighty warrior. I told myself that many times. The truth was I simply liked killing things. There was a great anger in me, very well hidden. I liked proving I was better, stronger, faster than all the people I killed. It made me feel superior to them. There was no more conclusive proof, was there?"

—Prince Tyrion, expressing his inner demons.[7c]
Warhammer Tyrion Art

Tyrion is the very image of a High Elven warrior.

Tyrion has the very physique and attitude of a warrior born. From an early age, Tyrion was unlike his twin brother, Teclis. While Teclis was patient, calculating and clever, Tyrion was rash but courageous and energetic.[5a] Being descended from the first Phoenix King, the doomed Aenarion, Tyrion is tainted by the cursed blood of his ancestor. This curse has given Tyrion the incipient madness of his forebearers but also their innate martial prowess and tactical stratagem.[3e] Korhien Ironglaive has seen Tyrion's innate skill first hand when the young boy beat the veteran White Lion in several strategic games of chess.[5b]

Impressed by the young boy's innate mind for tactics and strategy, the Captain of the White Lions felt he would make a promising protégé and perhaps even make a potential Phoenix King one day. As he grew up within the confines of Lothern, where he was groomed to be a possible successor to the Phoenix Throne, his skills as a general and a warrior grew exponentially. Trained by Korhien Ironglaive and Prince Iltharis in the arts of the sword and generalship, the young prince eventually grew to become an exceptionally skilled warrior amongst his peers.[5b]

As well as combat, Tyrion is also known well in Elven courts for his charms and charisma. It is often said by many of his close friends, and even his own brother Teclis, that Tyrion knows how to make people like him and make them feel at ease. Back home, Teclis had been the one favoured by their father and Tyrion had been the outsider. Here, within the capital city, it was obvious their roles were always going to be reversed. Tyrion was the one who was the centre of attention and Teclis knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was going to be that way from now on.[5s] Despite this, Tyrion has always expressed a deep sense of brotherly love for Teclis, and though Teclis may not express the same in return, they nevertheless have a strong bond that few can sever.[6a]

Despite his many talents and skills, Tyrion is but a mortal elf like any else. Though many would see him as brave and courageous against all foes, Tyrion has felt doubt, anguish, and fear like any sane being would. Many expect Tyrion to be a god reborn, yet only a few really knew his true nature. However, his people put much of their faith upon him, and so Tyrion has learned to conquer his fears and doubts and to strive to be better and stronger for the benefit and protection of his people. Yet no matter how strong Tyrion has strived to be, the Curse of Aenarion may one day consume him, and if there was one thing Tyrion fears above all, it is descending into cursed madness and becoming Khaine reborn.


"Tyrion was confident in the strength of his own sword arm. In his hand, the blade Sunfang pulsed with killing power. His body was sheathed in the Dragon Armour of Aenarion. From his neck, the Heart of Avelorn dangled from a lock of the Everqueen's own hair. It was woven round by protective spells of tremendous power. Tyrion knew no warrior save Aenarion had ever gone to battle better equipped or protected. If any living creature had a fighting chance against a Greater Daemon it was he, and a fighting chance was all he had ever asked for."

—Prince Tyrion, about to do battle with N'kari upon the Blighted Isle[4a][12a]

Prince Tyrion is the greatest living warrior of the elven race, and arguably the finest soldier in the world today. Even Finubar, the Phoenix King, bows to Tyrion's incredible wisdom in matters of warfare.[2a] He is not only a master swordsman, but also an awe-inspiring general — able to understand any battlefield at a glance and direct troops with superlative skill. Tyrion is an expert at turning aside his foes' attacks, avoiding their blows, and counter-attacking before they can react. He is nimble and lithe, twisting past his opponent's guard and turning suddenly to strike from unpredictable angles.[3e]

In battle Tyrion wields the magical wargear of his distant ancestors, and rides Malhandir, last of the bloodline of the father of horses. He is an unmatched warrior, the Hope of Ulthuan, Aenarion the Defender reborn.[4b]

  • Sunfang (Lacelothrai) - This ancient sword, forged to slay Daemons in the earliest days of Aenarion's rule, burns with the captured fire of the sun.[1a] The white-hot runes smouldering along its length destine blazing ruin for its victims.[4b]
  • Dragon Armor of Aenarion - This mighty armor was forged on Vaul's Anvil long ago to protect Aenarion. Upon his death, the armour was thought lost for thousands of years until it was recovered by Tethlis the Slayer. Repaired by Arathion, it is among the most powerful protective artifacts ever made.
  • Heart of Avelorn - This bloody-red ruby was a gift from Everqueen Alarielle to Tyrion, and protects the bearer from death itself. It is said that if Tyrion were to fall, the Heart of Avelorn would break and restore him to life. Such renewal would not be without price, however. Should the Heart of Avelorn shatter, then whatever bond lies between Alarielle and Tyrion would also be sundered, never to be healed in all the ages of the world.[1a]



In Defenders of Ulthuan, Tyrion's personal banner is depicted as a silken banner of crimson, with an embroidered phoenix intertwined with the Everqueen's silver dove.[9a]

In Sons of Ellyrion, it is stated that Teclis taught Tyrion a way to resist the temptation of the Widowmaker. A mantra that would bring him peace of mind that would allow him to fight unencumbered by doubt, free from anger, able to give him space to kill with complete precision. "I am the master of my soul. Aenarion's curse is not my curse. I wield my blade in the service of my kind and my home. No thought of selfish gain, no lust to rule, no urge to slay shall guide my arm. I am Tyrion, and I am the master of my soul."[10a]

In Sons of Ellyrion, the amulet given to Tyrion by Alarielle is a sapphire blue, smooth and with woven strands of golden hair - preserved like flies in amber - encased within the blue gem. Tyrion can also feel it respond to his touch.[10a]

Tyrion is older than Teclis by a few minutes.[5s]

When N'Kari first met Tyrion, it found his voice to be the same as Aenarion's. Tyrion's face was the same, albeit younger, less stern and less time-ravaged. Even his scent was the same, flesh for flesh. His spirit was almost the same, but didn't blaze as bright. He did not burn with the Sacred Flame of Asuryan, nor was it corrupted by the Sword of Khaine.[5t]

According to his brother, Tyrion snores, finding it easy to fall asleep come nightfall.[7d]

In Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, Tyrion and Teclis are both gods of the Realm of Hysh.


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