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Twin-Tailed Comet

The Twin Tailed Comet is a comet with two tails which has been sighted on multiple occasions throughout history in the Warhammer World. The Twin Tailed Comet always heralds great or tumultuous events. It is unclear whether the comet is a single object whose orbit passes close to the Warhammer World on a regular cycle, or whether the comet(s) are separate objects which have been seen consecutively.

  • 1st Comet marked the birth of Sigmar, roughly 2500 years before present.
  • 2nd Comet marked the coming of Sotek and the victory of the Lizardmen over the Skaven
  • 3rd Comet appeared over the city of Mordheim prior to its destruction at the hands of another Comet.
  • 4th Comet heralded the coming of Valten of Lachenbad, who was seen as Sigmar's spiritual successor.

Names and Interpretations

Every race that has seen the Twin Tailed Comet soar across the endless skies has attributed to it different meanings and given it different names, often associated with events that transpired while the Comet was in the sky.

The Empire of Man

In Sigmarite theology, the Twin Tailed Comet represents destiny, fate, and the hand of Sigmar acting upon the world - especially Sigmar's Wrath manifesting against the city of Mordheim. Hence, the Twin Tailed Comet is a very popular symbol for religious Sigmarites, and is found on buildings, in religious mosaics and relics, on weapons and medals, and so forth.


Both High and Dark Elves know the Comet by the same name, the Dragon With Two Tails. They often see it's coming as an omen of things to come.[1] It's unknown what name, if any the Wood Elves know the Dragon as, and if they have a meaning for it.


The Skaven don't seem to know the Comet by any particular name. Nevertheless, they too see it as an omen. [1]


The Lizardmen know the Comet as the Forked Tongue of Sotek[1]. It is to the Children of the Old Ones, perhaps on second to the men of the Empire, that the Comet means the most too. It's coming marks the rise of Sotek and the victory of the Lizardmen over the vile Skaven of Clan Pestilens on the Forgotten War over Lustria, which had been fought for centuries with a costly toll for the Lizardmen.


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