"What you say makes my sword eager to taste Aesling blood, for it would be an easy thing to strike the dogs down. But what you say also fills me with great fear. I, who have raided the southlands on twenty and ten voyages, who have walked the lands of the Vargs and the Graelings, who have seen the jungles of the dragonfolk, I know fear because of your words."
Jarl Tulkir to Einarr Sigdansson[1a]
Baersonling Warhammer Total War

Tulkir is the Jarl of Vinnskor, and a member of the Baersonlings. He wields a magnificent blade named Fangwyrm, which has seen him through thirty years of battle, but was snapped with less than half a foot of itself when fighting the bloodbeast of the Aeslings.[1a]


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