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Troglodytes are closely related to Lizardmen, whom they resemble in all but size and for whom they often act as warriors and guards. Although they are rarer than Lizardmen, Troglodytes are greatly feared and are formidable opponents, often being employed as 'shock troops' by the Lizardmen. They are extremely stupid and, therefore, do not rise to positions of leadership within Lizardmen communities. They have no appreciation of tactics in a battle and are simply pointed at the enemy and told to kill. Frequently, they even fail to notice when an opponent is dead, mindlessly continuing to beat and rip a corpse for some time after it has ceased to put up any resistance. Troglodytes emit a noxious stench, which is repulsive to non-reptilians, and speak a dialect of the same sibilant tongue as Lizardmen.[1a]

Troglodytes are over ten feet tall, but otherwise identical to Lizardmen. They are well-muscled, with typical reptilian scaled heads and broad tails. Scale colours vary in the same way as the smaller Lizardmen, greens being the most common.[1a][1b]


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