"Triton is probably the last of his race, one of a near-godlike host of beings who once fought monsters for control of the seas. At the dawn of time it was Triton’s people who taught us everything we know of the oceans. That the Druchii have taken those teachings and twisted them for their own dark ends angers him above all else."
Nenyll, Sea Elf[2a]
"If the Gods of Chaos can have servants to do their work in the mortal realm, why not Manann? Triton is the very picture of Manann, and is clearly a manifestation of his akin to the Greater Daemons of Chaos. Now, my son, let me tell you of Saint Olovald..."
Anders Pallenberg, Priest of Manann (Heretical)[2a]


Triton is lord of the sea, a wild, powerful demi-god who can control the elements and tame the monsters of the deep. Most of his kind have passed on from the Known World, and Triton himself is perhaps the last to linger on. He is old beyond telling - perhaps as old as the world itself - and has little to do with the affairs of the short-lived creatures who traverse the seas in their fragile constructions.[1a]

However, certain of these creatures have earned his displeasure and felt his wrath; though slow to anger, once enraged his is the power of the sea itself, smashing to pieces anything that stands against him.[1a]

The Elves know something of his heritage, and it is believed that much of their Sea Lore was passed on to them by Triton and his kin many, many centuries ago. Although he recognises and has some respect for Elves, he is largely disinterested in the affairs of Dwarfs and Men. He has no affinity with Orcs, Skaven and the forces of Chaos, and he actively hates the Dark Elves for what they have done to the Sea Dragons and Helldrakes.[1a]

Triton is a bearded giant with the bottom half of a fish. He carries a trident and wears a pointed crown; where these items came from is unknown. Triton is rarely seen, but the few extant sightings of him range all over the seas of the world. It is believed that he can control the weather and also several of the monsters of the deeps. His hatred for the Dark Elves is legendary, though he is rumoured to have attacked the ships of other races as well. His trident is so large that he can skewer an entire small ship with it, a favoured tactic that cannot fail to terrify his foes.[2b]


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