The Clan of the Serpent is the youngest and also the smallest of the great clans, but their numbers are growing. The Serpent god is mysterious and exotic, and thus draws a great number of new recruits.[1a]

The clansmen of the Serpent indulge themselves in all sorts of debauchery. Eating hallucinogenic plants such as mushrooms and certain roots is especially common, and the visions granted by these are regarded as signs from the Great Serpent himself. Such as the pleasures offered by the Serpent god, that joining this vigorous new tribe is a great temptation of the young warriors of other tribes, who seek change in their lives.[1a]

Before battle the tribesmen of the Serpent brew an intoxicating liquid that renders them almost oblivious to pain and fear, making them laugh in the face of even the greatest dangers. The warriors of the tribe sing as they go to war, and scream ululating battle cries, frightening to hear and pleasing to the ears of their god. The tribesmen of the Serpent are daring and skillful horsemen, and they use cavalry in battle more than any other tribe.[1a]

The Great Serpent lives in the sea, and it is said that he can sometime be seen rising from the depths to consume young maidens and youths. Water is his element, and many of his followers cast themselves down from the Cliffs of Woe to join their god. Prisoners are thrown down from the cliffs as well – often tied to a large stone to persuade them to travel deeper in search of the Great Serpent.[1a]


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