The Tribe of the Hound is the first and greatest of the tribes. They are mighty warriors who carry huge, deadly axes to battle.[1a]

Their god is depicted as the Great Hound of War, eternally thirsting for blood. Its howl is full of strife and battle, and the only way to appease this merciless god is to wage war and slaughter every living thing on the field of battle. The Marauders call the Hound god Chron. They believe that fire is his element and that the rage of volcanoes is a divine omen, meaning that Chron is angry and demands bloodshed.[1a]

The Great Hound is but another form of Khorne, the great Chaos god of war. He is the god of rage, but also of martial spirit and battle prowess. His tribe is the largest and the most powerful, and they openly scorn other tribes. The Tribe of the Hound is eternally waging war, and only by proving his prowess at arms can a tribesman rise to a more dominant position.[1a]

It is the Great Hound of War that gave the gift of weapon making and the secret of steel to the Marauders, so that they could shed blood in his name. They also raid Dwarf strongholds to gain weapons and armour, and the Dwarfs hold them amongst their most bitter enemies.[1a]

The Tribe of the Hound breeds gigantic Wolfhounds, slavering beasts often warped by the power from the Chaos Wastes. Many of them hunt in savage packs, adding yet another danger to this inhospitable land. These are the Chaos Hounds – the dreaded hunters of the Northern Wastes.[1a]


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