Second in power only to the Tribe of the Hound is the Tribe of the Eagle. The Marauders of this tribe describe their god as a gigantic eagle that soars high above the world. His unblinking eyes see all, and he understands the hearts of men better than any of his immortal brothers. Air is his element, and in the trance-like dreams of his Shamans he always soars above the land, observing the fascinating antics of the puny mortal creatures. Indeed Tchar, the Great Eagle, is Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways, in one of his many guises.[1a][1b]

The Chaos Marauders of the Eagle tribe are cruel, cunning and treacherous. They are always allying and negotiating, making new pacts and betraying old alliances. While other tribes know of their treachery, the followers of the Eagle are far too powerful to be ignored. The warbands of the Eagle tribe never stay in one place for long, but travel from place to place, leading a nomadic life. They ride the plains in great chariots carved from the northern oaks, using them in battle to crush their enemies under the great scythed wheels. As their god delights in masquerades and deceit, the tribe mocks its enemies by wearing iron masks so that their victims never see the faces of their killers.[1b]

The tribe of the Eagle boasts numerous Shamans, far more than all the other tribes combined. They are capable of spirit walking and communing with Daemons in their sleep. The most powerful of them will cross the Mountains of Dusk and seek to become Chaos Sorcerers.[1b]

Each year the tribe returns to its holy places to perform the rites of the Eagle, chaining prisoners to cliffs so that the blood eagles that inhabit the mountains can come to feed on their flesh. These prisoners are often former allies who the tribe have betrayed, as this sort of sacrifice is believed to please the Great Eagle above all others.[1b]


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