Trials by Combat are fierce duels fought between rival Bretonnian Knights.


Discipline and honour among knights is maintained by the custom of trial by combat. If a knight accuses another of dishonour, the accuser and accused are required to fight in single combat. This can be fought to the death or until one knight decides to spare his defeated opponent, having proved his honour. The contest may begin as a mounted Joust at lance-point and end with both knights dismounted and battering each other with hand weapons.[1]

The field of combat is ringed with Men-at-Arms forming a wall of shields, who will not allow either contender to leave the field until the matter is decided and honour is satisfied. A superior Lord, either a Baron, Duke or even the King presides over the trial, depending on the rank of the contenders. Magic items are banned from the contest and as in a Tournament, it is a serious offence to strike an opponent's Warhorse. If a defeated contender is spared and not slain he is punished with exile from the realm, and may only redeem himself by pledging himself to a second Errand of Knighthood. This is known as a Task of Redemption. Such tasks are usually extremely perilous...[1]


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