"I walked across Khorne's Meadows, beneath the brazen sky. All about were fields of black flowers, each a shade trapped in death, each bloom a twisted face, each leaf a tiny skull, each stem a spine of tiny bones. Crimson-flecked flies sucked at the bloody nectar in the corrupt fields, and the air was filled with a stench of despair. The blooms of death nodded at my passing whispered to one another. At my feet crimson worms and maggots gorged themselves on the lifeblood of Khorne's fallen. The distant shrieks of Daemons, cavorting and dancing around their borders and gardens of blood, reached my ears, blown across that dark meadow by a breeze made sweet with the smell of rotting meat.
And then I came to the Tree of Damned Shades.
Living souls had hung upon its branches and living souls had been buried amongst its roots long ago, in the winter of that bloody land. Twisted with pain and self-loathing, warped with loyalty to Chaos, the shades had made their pact of blood and now had their reward. Those same shades, now condemned for eternity and piteous in their grieving, gibbered regrets and fears and promises of gratitude from every branch and twig, save one whose defiant eye I met. I paused in the glare of that eye, and waited a while. The tree spoke in a voice of creaking and tearing wood, as if a thousand axes struck at its heartwood.
"By my broken faith, and darkened promises, a mortal walks here. For all those mortals who have tasted my fruits and drunk of my sweet blossoms, I will taste his nectar, drink of his blood. For once my roots eat of his flesh, he is mine, and what was his is mine. A body... A body... I will be free of this confinement. My loyalty true and clear, I will slay in Khorne's name. Blood beyond measure will I give to him. Oh, to be free of this wooden frame, that I could once more march to the beat of my heart..."
The tree lashed its branches about me, and I fled, for my fate lay not with those trapped and hideous souls...
Liber Malefic, The Book of Hated Khorne, Marius Hollseher.[1a]
Tree of Souls

An illustration of the Tree of Souls.

The Tree of Souls is a known landmark within an area of the Realm of Chaos under Khorne's sovereignty.[1a]


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