The Tree of Shields was a sacred totem of the Wood Elves, having grown atop the ruins of an ancient Bretonnian Grail Chapel.


Everyone in the Dukedom of Quenelles, and many beyond, has heard of the dolorous Tree of Shields. It was rumoured to exist deep in the mysterious Forest of Loren, and features prominently in many chansons, especially the famous Chanson de Challotte. According to the legend, the tree is hung with the shields of gallant Questing Knights who met a tragic end somewhere in the forest. They were led into the forbidden realm by their visions and dreams, and once they entered they never returned. Then, when their faithful retainers and kinsmen went after them, they too were never seen again. Thus the aged boughs of the tree became weighed down with the shields of the brave, an insult and challenge to all the proud chivalry of Bretonnia...[1]

This challenge was met, and the Tree of Shields was ultimately destroyed. Surrounded by the corpses of its Elven defenders, the great oak was pulled down by the pilgrim-army of Sir Agravain. The ancient Grail Chapel of Challotte was reclaimed and rebuilt, to be protected ever more by a lone Damsel and her loyal champion, the newly christened Grail Knight, Agravain de Beau Quest...[1]


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