"17 Sigmarzeit, 2521
Arrived in Delberz to administer justice. To a man aged 30, 20 lashes for stealing two pigs from his neighbour. To a woman aged 50, five lashes and a fine for public drunkenness and blasphemy. Took pity and made the strokes light. To two men aged 18 and 27, torture and beheading for murder and chaos-worship. Blade was sharp, one blow each.
Excerpt from the diary of a Travelling Executioner[1a]
Travelling Judge

Sometimes a struggling lawyer cannot make a name for himself in a big town or city. Often, life at the bar is cruel. Given the high fees and privileges that the best can command, competition amongst attorneys is fierce.[1a]

Woe betide those who cannot keep up the pace, or worse still, anger their local guild of legalists. For those that fall by the wayside, there is little other choice than to petition the local magistrates for licence as a Travelling Judge.[1a]

So unpopular is the task of journeying the lands, holding assizes at villages and counselling roadwardens that few willingly take to it. There are untold horrors upon the roads, particularly since the Storm of Chaos. Whilst these travelling judges enjoy an almost religious reverence from the ordinary folk, they are looked down upon by many others of their profession.[1a]

Upon the grant of a licence, a travelling judge is granted powers over a certain stretch of land. In the service of the local nobility or Elector Count, they may order a hanging, place folk in the stocks, make rulings on land disputes, marry people, and perform many of the other official duties of a judge—that is until a "proper" judge steps foot upon their territory.[1a]

Most Judges travel upon a palanquin carried by their bodyguards-cum-executioners. This arcane and almost theatrical practice is said to instil the proper awe in the common folk—for none are to think themselves "above the law." Traditionally judges hold trials whilst seated upon a huge book, unable to set foot to ground in case they sully the judgement. Many wear ornate hats to signal their profession—amongst illiterate peasants this has been found to be the best way to advertise.[1a][1b]

Judges may claim sustenance from any place that they hold a trial or proclaim judgment. Other than that, their wages are largely based on the number and size of trials that they hold in a year. Curious, dramatic, or large trials with many witnesses and big juries are the stuff of dreams to these failed lawyers. People who encounter a travelling judge are as likely to be asked to dine and offer "civilised conversation" as they are to be drafted into an ad-hoc jury.[1b]


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