A Translator is a literate man or woman who is skilled at speaking, reading and writing several different languages of the Warhammer World. Most Translators begin their careers studying language as scribes in one of the great cities of the Old World. Having no lack of work (the literacy rate is generally quite low), these men and women have not only mastered the art of writing, but have found they could also learn to communicate with many different cultures in their own idioms.

Translators may have served as public scribes, but having little love for the city life, they volunteered their talents for an interesting life in service to a wizard, a great warrior, or even a vain thief whose story demands to be told.[1a]

Translators are expected to accurately translate what’s said to them so the other party can understand the language. Translators may also record certain events, chronicling local happenings and the like. They also help to compose letters, translate letters from or into other languages from their native one, and a number of other similar tasks.[1a]


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