This poison is compounded from plants, animals, and monsters gathered from across the Borderlands. It has three components, all ingested. Any two of them form a slow-acting but deadly poison. Around half an hour after ingesting the second component, the victim starts vomiting. If he is tough enough, he is merely helpless for about half an hour. If he is not, he dies within twenty minutes, often literally vomiting his guts up. A single component is harmless. In addition, if the third component is ingested as well, the complex of all three is harmless. Each component loses its effectiveness within half an hour, unless a further component is ingested. Thus, the traitor can ingest the first component, put the second in everyone’s food, and share a drink containing the third with his target. All the components are tasteless and odourless. This is a highly feared poison, but fortunately, it is very difficult to obtain.[1a]


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