Warhammer Torch-Gnoblar

A drawn depiction of a Torch Gnoblar

Torch-Gnoblars are the servants and igniters of many Ogre Leadbelchers. These unfortunates are carried into battle on the shoulders of their masters, lighting the black powder of the Leadbelcher cannon when the master commands so he can concentrate on holding it the right way round. Most bear the scars of at least one explosion and what clothes and possessions they have scavenged are often burned and blackened. A Gnoblar's unique blend of curiosity and stupidity does not mix well with black powder. The Leadbelchers find this highly amusing and often have acceptance rituals for new Gnoblars involving black power that leave all but the luckiest as a heap of smouldering limbs.[1a]

These initiation rituals eventually led to the game of 'Bang'. 'Bang' involves a small pitch and between six and ten Gnoblars (any more is waste of black powder unless it's a special occasion). Each Gnoblar has a small box of black powder with a fuse tied to their backs; they are then all given a burning torch and the fun begins. The less intelligent Gnoblars set to in a flurry of kicking and biting, with predictable and devastatingly loud results. Eventually, all the surviving Gnoblars will learn that black powder goes 'bang' when in contact with flames. Those that learnt this by making someone else go 'bang' will be accepted by the Leadbelchers as pet Gnoblars. Those that learn a fraction of a second after going 'bang' get to take part in the victory feast in a different way.[1a]


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