Warhammer Tooth-Gnoblar

A drawn depiction of a Tooth Gnoblar

Tooth-Gnoblars are possibly the least envied of the Gnoblars that serve a master. Butchers are often served by slaves from many races, and employ violence and torture as much for the simple joy of cruelty as to maintain order. Despite this, many Gnoblars are keen to serve the Butcher, keenly aware that this status grants them free access to the best food and opportunities to watch the practice of Gut Magic. This optimism rapidly disappears however. Although Gnoblars are not really slaves, most Butchers will not tolerate the incompetence, anarchy and petty theft that most other Ogres are too lazy to care about.[1a]

Gnoblars are a race hardened to brutality and death, cursed with a short attention span and chronic ineptitude, so a Butcher must keep their Gnoblars in a constant state of abject terror to maintain this order. Those that survive often become sullen and miserable, and many would have simply faded away into the darker corners of the shanty town if it wasn't for the Butchers' uncanny ability to track them down and inflict horrific punishments that last many days. In practice this has more to do with treacherous relatives than mystic powers. The last and most compelling reason not to become a Tooth-Gnoblar is that in the heat of battle, a Butcher may decide an extra bit of crunch is necessary to spice up his Gut Magic, and he generally looks no further than his Tooth-Gnoblars for gastronomic assistance.[1a]


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