Some of Todt’s specialties, which he sells out of Todt Mueller’s Totem Emporium in the Foreign Quarter of Karak Azgal, include a bottle of Auntie Mueller’s Cure All for 5 gc. He says his dear relative specially brewed it to cure poison and remove headaches, but in actuality, it is nothing more than sugar water. He also has a rare item all the way from Middenheim—a piece of fur from the pelt of a wolf said to give the bearer good luck—for only 15 gc. Another rare item is a splinter of wood from Gal Maraz, the very warhammer wielded by Sigmar himself! He only has one and wouldn’t sell it to just anybody, but he would let the right person have it for 50 gc.[1a]

Todt lives by his wits so he knows when it is time to cut and run. If anyone he conned comes looking for him, he flees as soon as possible and sorts things out later if he can.[1a]


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