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Tochter Grunfeld, also known as the Jade Mother is the current Magister Matriarch of the Jade College.


Unlike most of the other Orders of Magic, it is just as likely for the prime position of the Order of Life to be a Matriarch as a Patriarch. Grunfeld was elected to the position of Matriarch of her Order after the death of the previous Matriarch, Magister Arburg, who was killed in the early days of the recent war against Archaon's hordes.[1a]

Grunfeld is about tall with a pleasantly round and well-tanned face. Her hair is free flowing and white, and it seems to all who see it to have ivy growing within it. Her age is hard to place, as is the case with many Magisters of her skill and experience, but she is known to have been operating in the region around Wurtbad in Stirland for at least six decades. She is the mother to eight offspring and every one of them has been brought up within the Order and are now full Magister Druids.[1a]

It is said she spent much of her life combating the creeping blight spreading down from the dark and polluted lands that lie to the north east of Wurtbad. When the wind blows from that direction, it brings with it traces of warpstone and the chill of the grave, contaminating the fields and forests of the otherwise luscious region. It is rumoured that Grunfeld has plans to move her community even further northeast to tackle the problem at source.[1a]

The blighted land known as Sylvania awaits her just beyond horizon with all the expectancy of a freshly dug grave.[1a]


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