Toad Dragon

A Toad Dragon of Cold Mire.

Toad Dragons are huge, reeking, primordial horrors. Toad Dragons are for the fate of the world blessedly few in number, and confined largely to the trackless, otherworldly fens known as the Cold Mires under the coruscating skies of the uttermost north. These colossal beasts are near-mindless, violent and almost impossible to kill, and have a dire repute in the legends of the Northern Wastes which name them for their appearance and raw power, when in truth they are perhaps far closer to the lumbering beasts that inhabit the jungles of Lustria than the true and ancient lineages of dragon-kind.[1a]

The strength of a Toad Dragon is prodigious, as its appetite, while its tainted breath is so corrosively foul it can liquefy flesh and wither steel in mere moments. Those it does not devour or smash flat it can smother beneath its feculent bulk as it crawls across the earth - its questing tongue darting out with terrifying speed to snatch up more victims to disappear down its yawning maw.[1a]

Infamous Toad Dragons


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