Tlaxtlan, the City of the Moon, also known as the Revered Abode of Lunamancers, and the Fourth City was built and named when but a single moon orbited the world, not the two that can be seen today. The temple-city is the destination for those Slann Mage-Priests who specialise as astromancers and prognosticators; their observations of the moon and stars made for stunningly accurate predictions of future events. With the Great Catastrophe, however, the second moon of pure Chaos came into being. It is not subject to the universal laws held in such high regard by the Slann, for it orbits according to no fathomable pattern — a source of unending consternation to the Slann and Skink Priests who still look to the stars to read the future. The Slann Mage-Priests of Tlaxtlan, and their Skink Priest attendants, have long pondered the impossible conundrum that is the Chaos Moon. They have dedicated much energy towards pushing it out of the world’s orbit, directing meteorites to strike it and hundreds of other ploys, yet still the fell moon plagues them.[1a]


Warhammer Tlaxtlan City Map

Layout of Tlaxtlan

At the center of the city of Tlaxtlan is the Great Temple of Tlazcotl, the residence of the great Mage-Priest Lord Adohi-Tehga of the Second Spawning. Surronding the temple are the Four Blood Shrines of Sotek, a site where great mass sacrifices were made to satisfy the Serpent God's eternal thirst for blood. To the western portions of the city lies the Temple of Tepok, where a great cadre of priest have been incanting a spell for nearly 1,000 years. To the south-western corner lies the great Dome of Haunchi, where many Slann often go to meditate.[2a]

To the north-west lies the Pyramid of Tzunki, where several great spawning pools are located. South of the central Temple lies the great Statue of Tlazcotl, as well as the Mortuary Shrines where interred Relic Priest are kept hidden and safe by an entire regiment of Temple Guard and mortician-priests. This is also the place where a great Engine of the Gods, known as the Guardian, resides and protects the cities southern entrance. Directly east of the central Temple lies the Ziggurat of Quetli, where the Slann often congregate in order to summon forth a protective barrier for the city. Further east lies the Temple of Itzl and the Corral-Arena, where great beast of the jungle are often indentured into service. Finally to the north lies the great Barrios of the Skinks, where it is said that more than 10,000 toil for the city everyday.[2a]

Known Slann Inhabitants


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