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A Tilean Warband

From The Alcatani Fellowship to the Voland's Venators, Tileans have scoured the Old World for centuries in search of riches. They have been hired to perform any type of task that would earn them a dukedom of gold and that did not affect their morale. The Tilean adventurer seeks fame, fortune, and his thirst for battle.[1a]

The land of Tilea is home to some of the wealthiest and most sullen characters of the Old World. It is a land divided by its own competition in trade and separated by personal fiefdoms and city-states at war. Their civic pride and desire for good financial health are the premises of the Tilean citizens. For this reason, the Tileans have become excellent sailors and explorers. They have traveled to all the ports of the Old World and have anchored on the beaches of distant lands in search of gold and precious objects that they can often sell at a good price in any market in the world.[1a]

Marco Colombo discovered Lustria in 1492 and since that time many great explorers and merchants have traveled to Lustria to make their fortune. In Lustria, the Tileans have made their New World intentions public. They seek the treasures of the ruined cities of the Lizardmen.[1a]

A Tilea Band is unlike any other band present in Lustria. Captains can arrange his Band of Tilea according to the needs of his campaign.[1a]

The Warbands of Tilea are often hired by a skipper from a city-state or a wealthy merchant or guild to explore the humid jungles of Lustria. There are several bands from pirates from Sartosa or acolytes of the patron god Lucan di Luccini. The land of Tilea offers many opportunities for historical background. Every band has subtle differences that reflect the rich Tilean history.[1a]


  • Miragliano -  The natives of Miragliano are experts in the handling of the official weapon of the city, the crossbow. All the inhabitants of Miragliano have a deep hatred for the Skaven . This dates back to the red pox epidemic in 1812, which killed three-quarters of the population.[1a]
  • Remas -  In 1487 a fleet of dark elf ships invaded the coastal city of Remas, and since then, the inhabitants of the city have held a deep hatred for the Druchii . A band of Remas will fight to the death whenever they have to face a band of Dark Elves. Remas officers are energetic individuals who, after many years of experience, have become excellent leaders.[1a]
  • Trantio -  Bands of Trantio are the best equipped and experienced human Lustria bands.[1a]


  • Captain - A Tilean captain is a veteran professional soldier who has fought for years in conflicts between city-states in his homeland. These men are used to carnage, suffering on the battlefield, and seeking riches in the new world.
  • Champions - Champions are often the trusted sergeants of the raid captain, as they are tasked with maintaining iron discipline to keep the raid together in a strange land.[1a]
  • Recruits - They are young warriors who still lack combat experience, but are already hungry for the myriad riches that Lustria has to offer.[1a]
  • Duelists - Tilea is famous for its innumerable  vendettas  among the rich nobles as well as among the poorest families. His renowned swashbuckling duelists from the dark alleys of Tilea travel to the most distant parts of the world selling their combat skills to mercenary companies . Duelists are adept at combat with their wavy capes, which help distract the enemy as well as deflect blows.
  • Warriors - Veteran soldiers with an iron will often compose the mercenary armies of the warring dukes of the city-states of Tilea.
  • Marksmen - The Tileans are famous for their mastery of the crossbow, which is why these soldiers are considered the backbone of a gang armed with projectile weapons. In a cruel and unforgiving world, you get paid very well if you know how to dispatch an enemy from a distance.


  • According to legend, after Fernando Pirazzo recruited his army in Tobaro, he sailed to Remas to barter for armor and weapons for his men. He bartered with a merchant who had made a deal with an Estalian blacksmith for some cheap armour. Many of them disliked wearing black-wrought metal and decided to "bronze" it into the colours that Pirazzo flew on his flag. Soon after returning home from the New World as a rich man Pirazzo started to trade for this armour and it became the style thatTrantio Militia would wear into battle.[1a]



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