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The history of the quarrelsome city states of Tilea is recorded in many separate chronicles, compiled over the centuries since the distant past. Such are the ancient feuds and rivalries between cities that the various chronicles frequently contradict each other, with both sides often claiming victory in the same battle! Sometimes, when a tyrannical Prince was overthrown and a republic declared in his place, or when a mercenary warlord seized power and made himself Prince of a city, the chronicles would be 'amended' in favour of the new regime. For these reasons, Tilean history is a complicated and confusing subject to say the least. All dates are given in the Sigmarite Calendar of the Empire as is among Old World historians.[1a]

Prehistory (c.-1780 to c.-701 IC)

Archaic Age (c.-700 to -1)

  • c.-700 -- Elf seafarers report Tilean shepherds grazing their flocks amid the tumbled colonnades of former Elven cities.[1a]

Classic Age (1 to 474)

  • 451 -- The shores of the Tilean Sea are ravaged by the combined fleets of Settra and the Dark Elves. Sartosa is destroyed.[1a]

Tilean Dark Age (475 to 1239)

  • 475 -- An Orc horde invades Tilea. Many cities are sacked.[1a]
  • 1017 -- Norse raiders establish a stronghold on Sartosa.[1a]

Era of the Araby Wars (1240 to 1491)

  • 1240 -- Sartosa is invaded by Corsairs of Araby.[1a]
  • 1425 -- Tournament of Ravola. The Flower of Bretonnian chivalry is beaten by Tilean knights, ending Bretonnian pretensions to domains in Tilea.[1a]
  • 1448 -- Tilean mercenaries take part in wars to free Estalia from Sultan Jaffar. Tobaro holds out against the Sultan's army.[1a]

Age of Exploration (1492 to 1999)

  • 1501 -- Sartosa recaptured from Corsairs of Araby by the mercenary army of Luciano Catena.[1a]
  • 1563-1565 -- Tobaro is overrun by Skaven breaking in through the catacombs. Later recaptured by the mercenary army of Meldo Marcelli,[1a] reinforced by a contingent of High Elves from Ulthuan.[2b]
  • 1601 -- The village of Escantos in Southern Tilea is completely devoured by swarms of rats.[3b]
  • 1722 -- Egarl Bloodhard quickly grows tired of besieging Zorastra, the great warf of Tilea. Plague-ridden meat is fed to the seabirds who nest in the seaborne city. The resultant outbreak of disease sees the city's chain-gates dropped by refugee ships attempting to flee, allowing the murderous Chaos fleet to sail in. Zorastra falls within the hour.[4a]
  • 1757 -- Sartosa becomes the lair of pirates.[1a]
  • 1801 -- The ousted Pirate Prince of Sartosa, Lucciano Soprania, founds Port Reaver in Lustria. Despite numerous Lizardmen attacks, it manages to turn into a flourishing trading port, though it is notorious as a den of cutthroats and raiders as well as a haven for adventurers and treasure seekers.[6a]
  • 1877 -- A pig is elected Prince of Tobaro and retains the throne for 12 years.[1a]

Era of Enlightenment (2000 to Present)

  • 2000 -- A new age of art, culture and prosperity flourishes throughout Tilea.[1a]
  • 2236 -- Grottio paints two thousand naked nymphs on the ceiling of the palazzo Verezzo instead of a battle scene and is exiled to the island of Nonucci as punishment.[1a]
  • 2302-2320 -- Terror in Tilea. Many small towns near the Blighted Marshes are razed or disappear altogether.[2b]
  • 2321-2399 -- Tilea is gripped by recurrent famines caused by plagues of mice eating the grain. Revolts result in the proclamation of republics in Remas and Verezzo.[1a]
  • 2335 -- Following a warning from the Elven Mages that protect Lothern, a Tilean vessel is stopped and boarded. The search by the Sea Guard turns into a battle. Rumours persist that several ratmen escaped the ship, leaping overboard and disappearing into the city.[2b]
  • 2379 -- Corsairs from Karond Kar are shipwrecked close to the pirate isle of Sartosa. They steal several ships to escape and with the aid of local sellswords attack the cities of Luccini and Remas. They are betrayed by the mercenaries and enslaved by the pirate captains whose ships they had taken.[5a]
  • 2401 -- At the siege of Monte Castello, 500 mercenaries hold out against 10,000 Orcs.[1a]
  • 2418 -- The corpse of Ernezio Porcurio, mercenary captain of Luccini, is found inside a windowless basement beneath his castle, the cellar firmly locked from the inside. No trace of the killer is found.[5a]
  • 2503 -- Borgio of Miragliano known as 'The Besieger' is murdered in his bath with a toasting fork.[1a]
  • 2522 -- Albertalli leads the charge against the Kurgan line at Mazhorod. Later, alongside the armies of Stirland, Talabecland, and the Ice Queen, Albertalli fights at Urszebya against the hordes of Aelfric Cyenwulf, both him and his men slain to a man to stall the enemy for Tzarina Katarin to cast her spell and achieve victory.[7b]


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