Thyrus Gormann Warhammer Online Erik Polak Colour Illustration

Thyrus Gormann, ex-Supreme Patriarch to the Colleges of Magic, is the present day Patriarch of the Bright Order. He often attends the Imperial court in Altdorf and is one of Karl Franz’s oldest and most trusted advisors. He has wielded considerable political influence during his term in office (and since) because of it.[1a]

Thyrus Gormann is an imposing figure. Well over six feet tall, he has broad shoulders, an oiled and sculpted beard of fiery copper and a fierce hawk-like nose. He has more an air of a seasoned general than a Magister, and in a sense he is both. There is no doubt that his is a commanding presence, and many at the imperial court are still wary of his tempestuous nature. Quick to laugh, even quicker to anger, and the most experienced and powerful Pyromancer in the Old World, he is not the sort of person who suffers fools at all.[1a]


  • 4th Edition


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