• Hey Paraduo. I took a note out of the Spanish Wiki's book and made a change to the Northmen category page and I was wondering what you think.

    I think we do some things alot better than the Spanish wiki, like sources for example, but one thing they do that's really neat is they add little blurbs to category pages with a slideshow as well.

    So if someone is very unfamiliar with a certain race, faction or Warhammer in general, they get a feel of what its all about in the category page right away, rather than having to dig tough and piece it together for themselves.

    I think this would be really cool of us to do as well and its what I've just done for "Northmen". The reason I did it there in particular is that its kind of a secondary catagory on top of "Chaos" and "Norsca" so I think people might be a little more confused as to what "Northmen" is all about and how it differs from "Norsca". 

    Here's the Northmen Page. Just added a little blurb saying what the ethnic groups are, how they differ and stuff. Let me know what you think :)

    Also, just for reference, here's an example of the Spanish wiki and what it does. Just have to to translate the page.

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    • I should note, I don't think we should do this with every category, but big sweeping ones could be a cool idea.

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    • I suppose that's true.

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    • Can I ask you a question to do with editing? 

      Do you know how to link specific parts of different pages instead of just the page?

      An example of it exists on This Page the Link "Reikland Council" takes you directly to a specific part of the Reikland page that pretains to the Council.

      Do you know how to accomplish this? because It would be super useful to be able to do that.

      also, is there a difference between using 2 apostrophes and 3 apostrophes when trying to make something bold, or do they both do the same thing?

      Thanks ^^

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    • I've been wondering about that for years. Ask Aresius or Montonius, they'll tell you.

      Also, have you seen our discord?

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    • I know!

      You have to use wikitext. Put the link to the page you want to go to, and immediately after a pound symbol, then type the name of the section you want to go to. So if you want to link directly to the Reikland Council section of the Reikland page, type [[Reikland#Reikland Council]].

      The reason you can't see it on that page is that it goes through a redirect.

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    • @Peter thanks so much. You said pound sign but then used a hashtag, which was it?

      @MrParaduo I did but I'm not too familiar with discord, I'll see if I can migrate over there. Which ones are for what? I get, AoS and TW Warhammer but what's the difference between fantasy rp, the old world, game room, fantasy rules, etc

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    • Aren't pound sign and hashtag two words for the same thing? Anyway, I mean this: #

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    • This is the pound sign: £ 

      This is a hashtag: #

      Thanks tho :)

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    • Warhammer Wikis

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    • A FANDOM user
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