• Hey there.

    I've not made any new categories since our conversation, but I'd like to bring up a few that might be useful. 

    First would be Places of significance to a particular faction. The Wiki seems inconsistent with this currently. Some faction pages have loads of settlements and areas of the map related to the faction listed in their faction page, but others dont.

    For factions such as the Vampire Counts in particular, I think it'd be handy to create a sub-catagory for places of Importence to them. The only problem is what to name it? I attempted to make it yesterday but "Vampire Settlements" wasn't broad enough, as it should also encompass places like the Forests of Sylvania, Ruins, Tomb of Nagash and so on. 

    Second would be Military, which I'm a little torn on. It might be useful to have sub-catagories for Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, etc (I believe the Spanish site does this), but some army lists are relatively short. 

    Finally: Sorcerers. This seems to be one of the only pages I've found aside from main faction pages, that actually has sub-catagories...but it also has every sorcerer character filling out the list as well. Why not just have the different categories on their own? The only benefit I can see for having the characters hanging out there is the fact that they come up in the trending pages. But then people can get that from elsewhere and you cant even see that on mobile I don't think.

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    • Q1: I'll have to get back to you on that one.

      Q2: You are correct. We generally avoid making categories that have less than 2-3 articles, which sometimes means we can't make overarching categories if one major faction doesn't meat the prerequisites.

      Q3: Sorcerers is the catchall term for magic users in general, be they wizards, witches, divine channelers, etc.

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    • 1. Cool, I await your response :)

      2. Yes I figured you'd avoid, not only that, but also having categories that have 2-3 sub categories too. I've been avoiding such things from the get go thankfully, but I need to discuss it with you when you get back to me.

      3. Yes I  Know, but the sub categories of "Slann" "Asur Mages" etc is already in the "Sorcerer" category. My issue is that all of the characters within the sub-catagories are also in the category of "Sorcerer" rather than just having the Sub categories. There is no need  to have maz and Kroak and Tepec-Inzi and all them bloating the category of "Sorcerer" when the Sub-catagory "Slann" is already in there.

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    • That's because some people play around with the categories while I'm not looking. Not that it matters. Montonius - the original administrator - wants to do a trickle down format. The more general categories are full of all the relevent articles, which then trickle down into sub-categories.

      Concerning Q1: Vampire Lairs(?) will suffice. At least for now. Might change it later if something more official comes up.

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    • I was suggestiing more trickle down stuff with slightly more sub-catagories though, and Is this not a community Wiki? can we not discuss these matters? (not being hostile, just asking why you're implying his vision in particular is important to maintain).

      Lairs has the same issue as settlements, it doesn't take into account tombs, places of power, malestroms and stuff like that. I'll leave that to one side until we can figure out a better idea.

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    • Push comes to shove, put it under "Vampire". As for Montonius, it's more about keeping consistency and avoiding a mess like some of the other wikis. There've been plenty of times where people've posted fanfiction over articles on the site, oblivious to the point of the article. As an example.

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