• Hey again mate.

    I was wondering about getting Beurocrat/admin rights so that I'm not cut out of renaming certain pages. As I understand it I have to ask permission from one of the current admins correct?

    Regardless, there are a few changes I think could really benifit the site, one of which is quite fundemental:

    Can we get rid of the red?

    I come from the total War Warhammer forums and A few people mentioned there that the red background against the white is extremely harsh on the eyes, which is something I'm inclined to agree with. It seems like a strange point, but It would really help with navagation and whatnot. 

    I presume that people from the Spanish counterparts of this wiki created the English version too correct? based on the Source code, phrasing of things in the singular and some pages being lifted from there?

    The reason I bring this up is that Their cite has literally the exact opposite background. Very cool colours that make the White text and links stand out more.

    I'm not really in favour of nicking their ideas, but at the same time, their cite is way more slick and organized. I think we could still learn alot from them.

    Hope you can get back to me on this ^_^

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    • Admin/Moderate rights are not on the table. Again, though I appreciate your help, you have not earned my trust enough to be granted that much power. Altering categories without permission is also faux pas. Please refrain from making major changes to articles from here on out.

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    • I'm not sure what you think I might do if I get them. I've sort of been trying to prod you guys to open up dialogue but you're very distant. I'm not a fan of doing reshuffles and stuff without someone to bounce off of but I'm kind of out on my own here. 

      All I wanted them for was so I could change the names of some articles like Karak 8 peaks (currently called the City of pillars. Also wanted to rename "Dwarf King" to "Dwarf Lords" and to rename "Dwarf" to "Dwarfs" and so on like that.

      Like I said, It'd also be useful for going back and forth between names or deleting any duplicates or wrong pages that I might make (I think I've been careful, but I have made duplicate photos once or twice)

      Then there was the Background and colour pallet but I absolutely wanted to discuss that with you guys first.

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    • What classes as major changes btw? 

      I have (partially on request) been working on rearanging some of the Catagories and creating new ones so as to help with navagation and catagorization.

      Have a look on the Empire characters, Bretonnian characters and Holidays Catagories pages to see what you think. I'm not 100% done but I think I've helped a little.

      Beforehand everything was all in one big list (so big in some cases that it was over 2 pages or more) and you couldn't tell what was what or who was who, you had to go through them individually, and unless they were from a specific catagory (High King/Royarch/Elector count) then you had no way of getting an idea of how many x people there were. 

      I added a bunch of new catagories like Criminals, Religious figures, Peasants, etc so as to better collect them up.

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    • A few of the catagories are perhaps a little messy in and of themselves and some might be contraversial (like I said, I've had no one to bounce off of and I'm not 100% done).

      Empire Religious Characters for example gathers together every priest, scholar, theologain and noted worshipper who is defined by their religious affiliation, but at the same time, it doesn't destinguish between Morr Cultists, Sigmar Cultists and so on. 

      I was planning to put sub catagories for each god, but I also dont want to force people to go through multiple catagories to find a character, it makes it a little too unintuitive. maybe just make the cult symbol the characters thumbnail? thats what I've been doing with the holidays.

      Barony of the Damned might be a contraversial one because its a bit specific, but I really wanted to see who was in Mallabaude's enterage, which I think is of reasonable size to warrent its own little section.

      If you take issue with my changes, please discuss it with me first. it took a long ass time to catagorize all that and It'd be really heartbreaking if you just undid it in a click or two.

      I will admit that I've been concerned about the multiple pages that people might have to sift through, but I've had people tell me personally (and I've experienced myself) that having them all in a big list with no hint of what they are is also a big issue.

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    • Forgive my shortness. It's been a trying couple of weeks.

      You make valid points, and yes, our categories are a bit of a mess at this time, but you still need permission to create new articles. Otherwise everyone and their mother'll start doing it too. I know and see that you're enthusiastic to help, but please be patient on the matter.

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    • I understand, this is a difficalt time for all of us. I hope you're doing ok.

      I'm here at your disposal for when you get round to giving me the the full run down and if you need help.

      I'll refrain from making new catagories until you get back to me. In the meantime I'll focus on toucning up the code, grammer, images and stuff like that of the pages that already exist and add any new pieces of info I come across.

      There is actually alot I wanna discuss about the site so I'd love to have an extended back and forth on it at some point :)

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    • Hey. I'd just like to pop by and say that I should be available to bounce ideas off of for the next few weeks (despite the fact that I tried to retire as moderator last August).

      Your changes to the categories are not bad, per se. But if you want to restructure categories like that, that's the sort of thing you should discuss with others before launching into it. Heck, I got in trouble for doing that even when I was a moderator.

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