• Hey there Dante.

    I noticed you edited the page I made on Karra Lakota and labled it 'no longer cannon'

    I'm curious what is considered cannon and non-cannon in your eyes? I figured that, even if something contains some outdated references or material, it can still be functionally cannon, and that the only truely non-cannon things are those that GW later rewrote differently, wrote over with a different story (like with Eltharion the Blind) or officially retconned (like the Storm of Chaos Campaign).

    In regards to the Magnificent Sven scenario, I noticed on the main page that it might have been revisisted in the RPG's and later Army Books. If so, was his troupe ret-conned in the later lore?

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    • You mean CANON, as in consense, or official agenda, or cannon in the sense of boom-bang-boom..?

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    • A FANDOM user
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