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    Where did you get all that info on the page from? Since Paths of the Damned is a campaign series of three (or four) books, it is not a proper reference. It has to be more specific. Of course, since one of the books takes place in Nuln, I checked out Forges of Nuln, but the referenced page is incorrect – and the actual info in the book is only brief compared to what we have here.

    Am I missing something?

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    • Check the citation at the end of each paragraph. Those will tell you which source that particular paragraph is from. 

      Most of the page contains content from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition: The WFRP Companion



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    • Well, yes, that's my edit. But your old edit which is the most significant includes bits like the school's relation with Master Engineers which are not in the WFRP Companion nor Forges of Nuln. I haven't included those in the new edit because I can't find the proper source; and I'll feel bad about it if it turns out I deleted material that should have been there.

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    • Yeah sorry I can't remember where I got that info. Which is why I had to redo the page and add proper citation. So its fine.

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