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None have as personal an interest in Karl’s destiny as do Baroness Theodora Margrave and her mistress Neferata. The Lahmian Vampires are certain that Karl is the spawn of Sigmar and that his blood is the key to freeing their kind of the Blood Curse. Neferata Queen of the Night and one of the first vampires of Nehekhara, believes mingling her blood with that of the boy will free them and usher them into a new era of mastery over the Human cattle. To this end, the mighty Vampire has dispatched her loyal servant Theodora to capture the Child and bring him to her tower high in the Worlds Edge Mountains.[1a]

Theodora, a native of Altdorf, knows the boy is coming to the city seeking an audience with Karl Franz and the Grand Theogonist. She has no intention of letting the young man reach the palace, and her agents are arranged to abduct the boy once he enters the city.[1a]

Over 300 years old, Baroness Theodora is a native of Nuln but has lived many places under many different names. A proud member of the Lahmian Sisterhood, she has devoted her un-life to promoting their agenda. Though generally a calm, peaceful woman, who prefers subtle manipulation to violence, she can be brutal if necessary. She is a patron of the arts. Particularly musicians and singers, and all of her servants can sing or play. She’s after both the journal and the boy.[1c]

The baroness is fabulously wealthy, having deep coffers, homes scattered throughout most of the Empire, and in Praag and Miragliano. She employs a veritable army of servants, soldiers, and spies. As presented here, she rides in her black coach drawn by six black stallions. She wears a fine black dress with white slashes. She has at least 600 gc inside the coach and jewellery on her person worth another 300gc.[1c]

She also has a black pigeon as a familiar. The black pigeon can communicate with its master telepathically up to any distance.[1b][1d]


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