A sect within the Cult of Taal and Rhya, the Wardens are the stalwart defenders of Taal and Rhya's sacred locations, protecting them from the incursions of Beastmen, Greenskins, and ignorant citizens of the Empire who may not know what they are doing. Wardens keep out a close eye for those that despoil or besmirch the name and gifts of Taal and Rhya, with poachers being among their most hated enemies. Wardens are known for their quiet, serious, and often mysterious behaviour, and are rightly feared for the passion they have in defending Taal and Rhya's sacred locations. Wardens also act as enforcers of the secret rites, hunting down and blinding anyone not of the faith that bears witness to these rituals. They believe nature laughs at the industry of Humans—nature remains forever whilst the works of mankind rust, rot, and turn to dust.[1a]


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