Not to be confused with the Grey Vaults.

The Vaults are an area consisting of deep, ice-cut valleys, frozen glaciers and towering heights that form the junction between the Black Mountains and the Grey Mountains.[1a]

There are rich lodes of of iron, copper, tin and other metals here and consequently some of the biggest and deepest mine workings outside of the Worlds Edge Mountains. Many Dwarf Clans came here after the fall of their strongholds in the east, including many of the Dragonback Dwarfs. The valleys offered them seclusion from the outside world where they could work, remember the past and plan their ultimate return. The valleys and chasms are so difficult to reach that few evil creatures bother the Dwarfs of these highland areas. The most important stronghold in this area is Karak Izor, which is known to Men as "Copper Mountain".[1a]

The Vaults are a meeting-point of four mountain ranges (Black, Grey, Irrana and Apuccini), and the pressure of their collision has raised a land so rugged that only one overland route cuts through it from the Empire to Tilea, the Brenheim Pass, which is often sealed by snow from fall to spring. Several monasteries line its way, so that travellers have shelter in need. There is also one inn near the summit of the pass, the Brandy Home. It is a fortified structure of stone, built centuries ago and held by the same Human family since. It is here that, between the spring melt and the autumn frosts, Dwarfs from the Vaults and the western Black Mountains come to trade with Imperials and Tileans, and to sample the inn's famous brandy.[3a]

The great wonder of the Vaults, however, is the River of Echoes, which is the source of both the River Sol and the Cristallo River in Tilea. Over three hundred miles long and with an underground town in the middle, the River of Echoes is a direct trade route between northern Tilea and Wissenland.[3b]

The Vaults are the focus of the fragmented Border Princes. Each time the incursions of Chaos have overrun the area, the surviving Princes and their armies have gathered in the shadows of the mountain to draw strength and launch their counter-attack. Each time they have succeeded, despite the complete lack of assistance from their neighbours. The Vaults' verdant hanging valleys provide excellent pasture for cattle and nutritious, if modest, harvests. The rugged terrain is also ideal guerrilla country, and all kinds of brigands and rogue adventurers have bases here.[2a]


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