"The thing they call the Unity? It cannot exist. It just could not. Imagine a secret society of wizards, all working directly against the fundamental principles of the Colleges. The wisdom that Teclis brought us, thrown back in his face, in the name of some magical chimaera of ultimate power. The idea is entirely preposterous, and I would not waste my time, or that of my Acolytes in attempting to get to the bottom of such ludicrous rumours."
Gavius Klugge, Grey Wizard

Amongst the wizards of the Colleges of Magic there is a gossip of a secret group of College wizards whose mission is to discover the magical secrets that would allow a wizard to tame more than a single wind. Known as The Unity, it is thought its members believe that by changing their techniques in subtle ways they can overcome the limitations of Teclisian theory, and that they search for forgotten rituals and ancient knowledge from across the world.[1a]

They say the Unity meets in secret in a number of locations throughout Altdorf, and even beyond, where they reveal the progress of their research and compare notes. The wizards see their goal as the highest aspiration of human wizardry and manage to not let the petty rivalries of the Colleges get in the way of their potentially ground-breaking experiments.[1a]

The wizards of the Colleges whisper rumours about the Unity and their great purpose, but it is not even clear whether the organisation actually exists. The witch hunters believe they are simply a front for a Tzeentch cult, an easy way to corrupt open-minded wizards. What is clear is that membership of such a group risks many hours of painful torture, followed by a lingering and agonising death.[1a]


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