The carnival known as "The Travelling Shrine of Healing", is unusual in that its primary purpose is not to scam its patrons but to heal them. It was originally a group of missionaries dedicated to Shallya. They travelled the country looking to bring healing to the poorer and more out of the way corners of the Empire. While their skills were usually received with gratitude, they still found it difficult to achieve their true purpose. The priestess of Shallya who led them realized that prevention was far better than cure. She wanted to treat healthy people to keep them from getting ill, and wished to educate them as to ways to promote their general wellbeing. Sadly, while ill people will travel to see doctors, healthy people are not so keen to do so.[1a]

So the priestess got together with a few Priests of Ranald. They were looking to spread the ways of Ranald in the same way.[1a]

Sadly, few people trust a group of Ranald priests en masse, so the two groups joined forces. The Priests of Ranald put on a show, which draws the people (whatever their state of health) to the carnival. The presence of the Priests of Shallya calms the people's suspicions. While they are entertained, the people are encouraged to get themselves looked over by the Priestesses of Shallya. While the carnival has all manner of the usual shows, it also has several educational seminars designed to teach people about hygiene and general healthy living. Attending one of these free shows gives the customer a ticket to one of the other shows, so they are usually well attended. Many of the shows are mystery plays, renditions of the most popular stories from Imperial faith. The Priests of Ranald run their own teaching sessions too. Many children are eager to learn how to do magic and perform tricks, and so the ways of Ranald pass on to the next generation. Over time the carnival has collected the usual selection of criminals, but the Priests manage to keep them in check. In addition to their seminars and shows, the Priests minister to the people with regular worship ceremonies as well. The carnival has been known to stay in one place for a while to treat anyone they find who is badly ill or in need of the travelling hospital the carnival contains.[1b]


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