While many scholars focus on a single field of study, many scholars enjoy researching a broad range of topics. However, scholarly pursuits take up a great deal of time, and travel throughout the Empire to visit various libraries can be expensive.[1a]

To encourage studies and obviate the need for travel, a group of former students from Altdorf have developed a secretive book club, which they have dubbed the Travelling School. After their years together in Altdorf, the scholars went their separate ways, but still kept in close contact with each other.[1a]

The Travelling School refers not to the scholars making rounds to visit with each other, but instead to the numerous books they send to each other. After one scholar has located a rare book and finished studying it, he passes it along to one of his colleagues, who does likewise with a tome of his own.[1a]

The scholars employ all manner of caraveners, messengers, pilgrims, coach lines and the like to deliver their books for the Travelling School. However, many of these rare books are incredibly expensive, and some contain material that would be considered... improper... for research by an upright citizen of the Empire. As such, discretion is paramount when delivering the books to members of the Travelling School.[1a]


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