In recent years, only one army has made the long journey from the northern hold of Kraka Drak all the way down to Karaz-a-Karak. Seeking to forge a path straight through the mountains, the Engineers of Kraka Drak converted their revolutionary ‘tractator engine’ from gigantic rock grinder to a mobile garrison, fitting it with multiple Organ Guns and Steam Cannons. The Engineers carved a bloody path through the Orc tribes that infested the mountains, though they ran so short of coal that the motive power was often provided by goblinoid corpses set aflame by potent liquor.[1a]

The tractator engine's finest hour came when the Engineers and their men were assailed by the heavily armoured Black Orcs of Red Eye Mountain – the cunning Engineers pivoted the tractator's engine's crane arm so that its giant runic lodestone, originally intended for gromril mining, dragged the plate-clad Orcs off the edge of the mountain path.[1a]


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