The Stone is an Imperial fortress located on an island in the River Reik, near the town of Essel. The Stone's island is a craggy monolith rising out of the waters, visible for miles around. Most river captains give the island a wide berth, and the more superstitious make an offering to Grandfather Reik as they pass.[1a]

The castle itself is very spartan-like in appearance. Its walls are squat and grim, and no banners fly from its towers. Only the occasional appearance of a guard serves to show it is even inhabited. It is only accessible by a steep path climbing from a jetty on the river.[1a]

Although very few know it, the Stone is actually a high-security prison. All inmates there are very dangerous, but, for one reason or another, cannot be executed. Many are high-ranking nobles, whose crimes could not be made public for fear of the scandal it would cause. Others are hostages, used as leverage against politically troublesome friends or relatives. Still others simply know too much–having them out in public with their secrets would be too great a risk.[1a]


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