One of the most unlikely places found in the Chaos Wastes has nothing at all to do with the horrors that lurk inside. The Last Hope is an inn, located on the ill-defined border between Norsca and the Chaos Wastes. It has survived for generations, curiously avoiding the worst predations of Beastmen, Chaos Warriors, Greenskins, and Mutants alike. The Last Hope is built like a fortress and has a complement of nearly a dozen hardened warriors that keep it safe. In addition to providing food, warmth, and safe place to sleep, the Last Hope also sells gear and provisions for explorers and travellers. The prices are extremely inflated, but the desperate have no other place to turn.[1a]

The current owner, Knute Alsgaard, is extremely proud of his family's holding and considers it the final bastion of civilisation before the Chaos Wastes begin. He’s a very wary man, and though everyone is, in theory, allowed inside the Last Hope, a visitor must undergo a strict inspection process under the watchful eyes of his guards, including relinquishing all weapons, before stepping inside. The clientele is mixed—Norseman warriors, Kislevite Kossars, Imperial soldiers, and adventurers from Tilea, Estalia, and Bretonnia toss back potent brew and exchange information before venturing into the Wastes. If the Last Hope comes under attack, all able-bodied men are expected to join in its defence.[1a]


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