Harbinger Beastmen

The Harbinger.

The Harbinger was a powerful Bray-Shaman of the Beastmen.


The most powerful Bray-Shaman in the Reikwald, the Beastman known as the Harbinger rose to prominence after conducting a ritual of summoning so powerful it shattered the Ripper-horn herdstone and left a portal to the Realm of Chaos in its wake. The Harbinger's ability to forge pacts with daemons was well-known in the Reikwald, and he was respected by monster and beast alike.[1b]

To this end, the Harbinger made an alliance with Gutrot Spume, chosen of Nurgle, as foreseen by the Crowfather as their most viable option.[1a]

The Fall of Altdorf

The wizened bray-shaman known as the Harbinger was the unseen hand behind the muster that assailed Altdorf. The beastman had not only brokered Spume's alliance with the forest warherds, but also sacrificed the herdstones of the Drakwald in order to form portals for the daemon minions of Nurgle.[1c]

At the Imperial Palace, the Harbinger led a horde of Beastmen after Gregor Martak, only to be killed by the fire of the Imperial Dragon.[1d]


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