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The Golden Lion was a tavern in Lothern frequented by Tyrion and his friends. It lay on the edgy territory between the Human quarter and the Great Dock, having once been a warehouse as can be seen by its huge internal area, with an enormous ceiling and many landings looking down over the central pit. On these landings there were still the loading bay doors where hauliers once lifted cargoes into the warehouse.[1a]

Because of this and more, the Golden Lion is described as a vast place, furnished with articles from every corner of the globe. Carpets from Araby and clockwork automatons from the Worlds Edge Mountains. A huge skeleton of some aquatic monster harpooned by the tavern's owner, Garion, back when he was a sea captain, or so he claims. Glowstones shimmer in chandeliers. Glittering Elven courtesans glide between gold-inlaid tables, whilst servants carry goblets of hallucinogenic wine or hookahs of Arabyan kif to those who desire them.[1a]


  • Around XI 110, most of the Golden Lion's serving wenches and staff were Human. This was increasingly the way with all menial labour in Lothern. Some of the great trading houses had even started using slaves as labourers in their warehouses, although technically it was still only permitted to sell slaves for purposes of transhipment. There was no business in the world that could not be pursued in this greatest of port cities. The merchants did not want to miss out on the slightest copper piece of potential profit.[1a]
  • A massive platform is reserved for a select clientele, where they might stare down at the less wealthy and famous below.[1a]


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