When it became common knowledge that the dead walked the streets, the people of Praag began burning their dead rather than burying them. This incineration is done in the chambers of a huge furnace that was previously used for firing cannon balls. The men who work in the Furnace also resemble ironmongers—large, strong men who have a habit of lacking eyebrows. As the undertakers of the city—and the watch being notoriously lazy and corrupt—it has fallen to them to deal with the Undead when they rise. Armed with their foundry hammers, the Furnace's men march through the streets at night, smashing any Skeleton or Zombie that isn't where it's supposed to be. Such work is dangerous to both body and soul, and the Furnace's men are desperately trying to get assistance from the Tsarevich Pavel Society or the Black Guard from Kislev in keeping down this menace.[1a]


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