There are many things to fear in the Old World, some with good reason. Beastmen, mutants and other followers of Chaos can do great harm to you. Someone suffering from The Fear is someone who, after a hard life of violence and exposure to the grotesqueries of Chaos, succumbs to a more irrational fear, like believing he can be harmed by the dark, thunder, snakes, cats, heights, small spaces, crossing over a bridge, and so on.[1a]

The Fear is an excessive, debilitating and overwhelming dread of some object or situation. There are many, many things to be afraid of, including specific kinds of animals (i.e. rats, spiders, toads, horses), open or closed spaces, sunlight or darkness, blood, children or people of other races, bodies of water, being alone or in a crowd, hair, fur and clothing, plants, sharp and pointy objects, Wizards, clerics, Physicians, and so on.[1a]

A person suffering from The Fear takes steps to avoid the object of his discomfort. Even if he succeeds, he still has difficulty working with others and has a lower willpower until he is safely away from what he fears.[1a][1b]

In more severe cases, an individual suffering from The Fear becomes convinced the object of his discomfort is hidden yet everywhere, lurking just out of sight, ready to get him as soon as his guard is down. Running away from rats and ranting about needles lying everywhere, ready to prick you, are actions sure to get the attention of Witch Hunters.[1b]


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