The Destrier was the smallest of three ships under the command of Colonel van Delft. A cog, most of the ships in Castle Bordeleaux's harbour had no parallels in her bulky frame, wallowing in the sea as gracelessly, and as comfortably, as a pig in the sty. Yet, against the backdrop of Bordeleaux's distant heights, even against the backdrop of other merchantmen, the Destrier looks tiny. In fact, apart from its towering central mast, the only thing that was big about her, was the smell of brine and unwashed bodies that wafted from her open holds.[1a]

Captain-Owner Gorth oversees the Destrier, whose crew is comprised of Bretonnian, Kislevite, and Marienburg mercenaries.[1b] In addition, the army's sole cannon is of Dwarfen make, tended to by a crew of dawi led by Captain Thorgrimm.[1c]


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