Deaths heads

Not to be confused with Death Heads of Nurgle.

The halberdiers known as the Death's Heads were founded during the Vampire Wars. They began in the town of Essen, Ostermark during the rule of Vlad von Carstein. Those who dared to speak up against Vlad, let alone partake in armed resistance, soon disappeared, so in order to protect their identities, the first Death's Heads wore skulls as masks.[1a]


The Death's Heads became famous after freeing Essen during a rebellion. Later, they took part in the Battle of Hel Fenn. Today the Death's Heads recruit not only from Essen, but all over Ostermark.[1a]

Their heraldry is maroon, and they have skulls on their shields. Even today, they still retain their trademark skull masks.[1a]


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