Short for "The Daily Relation of News Commendable, Historic and Beneficial," this is arguably the Old World's oldest published newssheet. Originating in Nuln, this ragged populist scream sheet now circulates throughout the Empire. The news-sheet is unquestionably biased. Almost every article supports one of three premises: the upper class (nobles and merchants in particular) is corrupt, the major religions of the Empire are almost as bad as the upper class (though religion itself is commendable), and the lower class (peasants and farmers in particular) are worthy fellows. This message does not sit well with many nobles, and so the Daily Relation is constantly being persecuted.[1a]

The chief editor, Johann Darolus, is undaunted. Johann is a man on a mission – to free the Empire from the grip of decadent and worthless nobility and to see it become a republic. Of course, he keeps his treasonous thoughts largely to himself, but it does colour all of his work. Johann is constantly on the lookout for like-minded individuals to join his cause and to help him promote and sell his newspaper. There are rumours that at night, there are secret meetings held in his printing office. Could it be that Johann is no longer content to simply report the news? Perhaps he is about to make some news of his own?[1a]


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