"Turns out our Bögenhafen problem's down to a Chaos runesword - the Blightreaper. The good news is that Father Kraussman has it under lock and key in a hidden Sanctum Malificarum, but that'll not last. Bring it back here. I doubt we can destroy the blood thing, but I'm prepared to give it a good old Hochland try, as me mother used to say."
Franz Lohner.
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The Blightreaper.

The Blightreaper is an ancient runesword, infested with the power of Nurgle.


The Blightreaper is a chaos runesword forged by the renegade runesmith Grungni Ironheart. The blade is infamous for its dark powers. For long time it has change hands between different Champions of Nurgle. From the The Mountains of Mourn to the Old World, the Blightreaper spread death and decay. The blade drowned kingdoms in pestilence and turned the blood of heroes into festering slime.[1]


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