The Beaujelois was one of three ships that sailed to Lustria under the command of Colonel van Delft. Of the flotilla, the Beaujelois was the Tilean mercenaries' transport, a fat-bottomed cog. Both it and the Destrier being of Tilean make.[1a]

Led by Captain Castavelli, the scores of Tileans aboard are stark contrast to the stained and stitched rags that served most of their comrades for uniforms. The Tileans wore luxuriantly coloured and elegantly tailored fabrics. Even the poorest of them had a wide, well-tooled leather sash upon which to hang a rapier, and a broad brimmed slouch hat forested with long white feathers.[1b]


  • Castavelli says the phrase "Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi" is an ancient saying among his people.[1c]


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