Thangir Hrolkson may be the closest a human has ever come to being an honorary elf. Raised in a small farming community at the edge of the Drakwald Forest, Thangir grew up loving his woodland home. A secretive clan of elves lived deep among the trees, and young Thangir managed to befriend their children, playing with them in the woods whenever he could slip away from his family.[1a]

As he grew older, Thangir followed in his father's footsteps as a woodsman in the service of the local lord. At first his elven friends accused Thangir of betraying their trust, but gradually they realised that he was protecting them even as he served his lord, cutting only those trees along the forest's edge and stopping anyone from trespassing into the domain of the elves. The elves regard Thangir as a sort of elf-brother, and on occasion they gift him with the fruits of their woodland realm, left at the door of his remote cottage.[1a]

Thangir's human neighbours, however, regard him as a crazed outcast, a dabbler with dangerous forest spirits, and steer well clear, a situation which suits Thangir well.[1a]


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